If you have been following my Blog you know how I feel about the new Vynl line from Funko (hint: I love them) and you probably know how I feel about horror (specifically 80’s horror) (hint hint: I love them too). So when Funko announced the Stranger Things Vynl line I was beside myself. Incorporating the cute factor with one of the coolest ’80’s Horror’ homage shows around what could possibly go wrong?! Now I have a chance to show you the awesomeness that is: the first two Funko Vynl Stranger Things sets!

Today’s Figures:

The Funko Vynl series is a cool new series that incorporates two stylized vinyl figures and presents them as a set for collectors to enjoy. I love this line a lot and really think it has some serious potential. Stranger Things is a great series from Netflix that is steeped in 80’s Horror and pays off in dividends.

These first sets depict four characters from the series. The first set contain Eleven and Barb while the second feature Lucas and Dustin.

The Box:

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Each box is collector friendly and are designed in a way that you dont have to remove them from the boxes in order to enjoy them. The backs of the boxes depict photos of the characters as they are seen in the Netflix series. The figures themselves are contained in a nice clamshell style inner box that keeps them safe from any ‘crushing’ issues while in storage. All in all very efficient and clean. The nice thing is that it seems Funko is keeping each set in the same size box making it both cost effective for them and easy to store for us.

What’s Inside:

In each st you get two ‘iconic’ characters from the license being presented. Each figure comes with a stand and nothing else. I really wouldn’t expect more as their POP line follow pretty much the same model.

ST Fig 1
She can kill you with her mind.

I do find the pairing in the first set (Eleven + Barb) to be an interesting match. While I understand the popularity of each character I would have expected Eleven + the Demogorgon or Eleven + Mike. Barb + Nancy probably would have been effective as well. Just an off choice of pairing to me.

Dustin + Lucas makes great sense and I look forward to the (hopeful) release of Mike + Will.


ST Fig 2
Justice for Barb.

The sculpts are simple and effective. Even without paint you would be able to tell who the characters weore with their basic features.

Barb comes with a sculpted pair of glasses permanently attached to her head. These are sculpted in a translucent plastic so they mirror the real ones very well.

Eleven is in her iconic pose as she uses her ‘mental’ powers.

Dustin sports his curly hair and hat while Lucas is ready for action with his bandana and clenched fists.


ST Fig 3
Seriously, how could you not love this one?

This is where these figures shine. 90% of the detail on these are done with paint and it is extremely effective. The little details are where these win, Eleven has the slight drip of blood on her nose, Barb has her freckles and looks quite sad, Dustin has the most detail with his toothless mouth and Wisconsin Tee Shirt, while Lucas is looking quite determined in his striped shirt.

The paint app is clean and done extremely well overall.


These have none, all solid vinyl here!


ST Fig 4
This kid is ready for business.

The only articulation on these are their heads and honestly any more would be pointless. This slight movement allows for minimal but effective posing.


Once again Funko does what they set out to do and created a really cool set of figures in a unique and fun style. These are some of the cutest and most clever interpretations of these characters I have seen and I am happy to have them in my collection. In a world full of realistic figures and a plethora (what is a Plethora Jefe?) of Pop vinyl, these are a welcome breath of fresh air.

Where To Get:

After searching the interwebs the only place I can find that shows them ‘in stock’ is ThinkGeek so I will send you there. Entertainment Earth has stock due in in November so, if you can wait, you can get them there as well. Both are selling them for $14.99 and that is really a steal for two cool figures per set.

With the new season having premiered last week on Netflix this Friday, I wouldn’t wait. (And man is season 2 amazing!)

Thanks for reading my review. You can also find other reviews on my home page and here: My Intro to the new Vynl line from Funko and the PX Exclusive Daredevil from Mezco.

Late To The Game 10/31/17

ST Group 1
Just missing Will and Mike!

2 thoughts on “Collectible Review: Funko Vynl Stranger Things sets

  1. Oh man…..I really need these in my life lol 😂😂 Eleven is just so incredibly cool and looks amazing. This was a great post…thanks for sharing these, and you are so right: season 2 was terrific. 😀😀

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