Judge Dredd has always been a favorite character of mine.   From his early exploits in 2000AD to his on screen appearances (yes, even THAT movie), I have always enjoyed the stories of the man who is THE LAW.  When ThreeA announced this figure, I knew I had to add it to my collection. (and when my wife offered to buy him for me for my Birthday this year, how could I say no?!).  So now, I present to you, 2000AD Judge Dredd!

Today’s Figure:

ThreeA have been around for some time.  Producing some of the coolest figures around this company has a very artistic aesthetic to their production, so their approach to this version of Judge Dredd makes sense. Based on the art of Carlos Ezquerra and Brian Bolland, this isn’t the beefy Judge in the new IDW comics, nor is it the modern version from the latest movie starring Karl Urban.  This is the original Dredd and that makes it all the better.

The Box:

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The box for this one is pretty basic but still pretty fitting for what it is.  On the front you get Dredd with his Lawgiver mk1.  On the back shows him on a throne prepared to make judgement.   The box is wrapped in a band that has a nice little easter egg.   Inside the band you will find a little mini poster of the Judge (as drawn by Brian Bolland) with one of his perps.  Below him it reads: ‘He is the law and you’d better believe it’.

What’s Inside:

Dredd 6 4
Good assortment of stuff

Inside you get the figure (of course) and a nice array of gear.  Inclosed is the Lawgiver Mk1, Lawgiver Mk2, The Lawrod (shotgun), the Daystick, an alternate mouthpiece and a healthy set of hands.

Each weapon’s clip is removable and you also get a set of spare hand pegs that, honestly, you likely won’t need.



In this release, there are a ton of sculpted parts.  The only material is the jumpsuit itself and the remaining are rubber and plastic pieces to fill out the uniform. Everything is done beautifully on this figure.  The detail looks and feels just like the 2000AD comic with no exception.

Dredd 6 15
It’s the details that matter.

One cool detail is that each weapon has a serial number and proper Justice Department Stamping.




The Helmet and mouth pieces are solidly sculpted.  With two alternate mouthpieces that fit nicely into the helmet after removing the head from the body.  As you would expect, he doesn’t have a real ‘head’ since the traditional Judge Dredd never shows his face.

The Belt is fully sculpted and has the ‘Eagle’ logo of the Justice Department belt buckle surrounded by a utility style belt packs that are not openable.   The badge is held on by a magnet and is firmly attached to a chain that doubles as his zipper.  It is a very clean sculpt with sharp features and edging.

My one complaint is the boot holster,  while a nice looking sculpt it is very difficult to get the Lawgiver MK1 into it without heating it up first.   It is made of a rubber like material that has some give but I am afraid that the constant pressure of the gun will eventually pull the glue causing the holster to fall off.   They really should have gone for another material or made it slightly bigger.  You can’t get the pistol in without removing the clip either.



As with most of ThreeA’s work the paint is top notch.  There is slight weathering around the boots and shoulder pauldrons that give the Judge a more lived in feel.  The teeth on the snarling mouth are clean and have no mess at all.

I really like the helmet paint job as they even added the lightning bolt ‘shine’ to the visor giving it a proper comic book look.

Dredd 6 banner


As said before the only cloth on the figure is the jumpsuit itself.   It is made of a very nice fake leather with a very deep blue/black finish.   In most of these photos it looks black but to the naked eye it is really a very deep blue which is appropriate for this piece.

The shoulder pauldrons are hard plastic and are both attached to the shoulders via velcro and an elastic band. The left pauldron is clipped on by a joint to allow it to move up and down for posing.  They are held on firmly so no worries of them falling off.  They are also fully removable so if you only want Dredd in his jump suit, that is an option as well.

As far as I could tell everything on this figure is removable so if you had a reason to strip him down, it should be fairly easy to do so.

Dredd 6 9


He is poseable in all the way’s you want him to be.  Extreme poses would probably damage the suit but there is no reason to do that to Dredd as he isn’t Daredevil or Spidey.

The gloved hands and boots are two parts allowing for better movement overall.

Although he can stand on his own I recommend getting an inexpensive stand for him so that he isn’t knocked over easily.   As with most ThreeA releases, he doesn’t come packed with one.


I am really happy adding this version of Dredd to my collection.   I have a very strict rule of having only one representation of any character in my collection and when I missed out on the initial release of the  Art Figures ‘Heavy Armored Special Cop’ (Karl Urban Dredd) I was greatly saddened.  However, as this release is both an official licensed product (the other one isn’t) and the most definitive version of the character, I am glad I missed him after all.

I really hope that they release a version of Judge Death as a companion piece as that would be killer!  (pun intended)

Where To Get:

Dredd 6 7

RIght now you can get this figure from Sideshow collectibles for right at $200 but at the time of this writing he is selling out fast.

You can also preorder the Apocalypse War version from sideshow for $225.  He comes with a RAD cloak and the Stub Gun instead of the Mk2 Lawgiver.

A quick search online should show you some other places to pick him up.   He is going fast so, you better grab him before he escapes!

There is also a killer 1/12 scale Dredd and Lawmaster (cycle) on the market from Mezco Toys that I will be talking about in a later review.  It’s pretty sick.  Check it out here.

Thanks for reading my review. You can also find other reviews on my home page and here: 1/6 scale Shocking Guy and the new 1/6 Scale Ripley from Hot Toys.

Late To The Game 11/14/17

Dredd 6 5
The Law

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