With Me (there she is)


there she is

she’s looking at me

she’s thinking the thoughts

that I’d like to see

she is dreaming…


there she is

she’s smiling at me

she’s humming a tune

that I’d like to be

she has meaning

to me.

she has meaning

and I’m meaning

to ask her to dream

with me.


here she is

she’s sleeping on me

her head on my chest

and I’m longing to be.

she is dreaming.


here she is

she’s dancing with me

our steps are in line

with the song of the sea.

she is leaving.

to be.

she is leaving

and I’m leaving

to ask her to be

with me.




This is an old one I wrote that was meant to be a song.  I still have the tune in my head in fact.  It was never recorded but I always loved this poem.

Late To The Game 12/23/17


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