It has been just over a year since I started this endeavor. This blog was originally conceived as a way for me to cope with my depression and anxiety, but over time it has become a place where I can talk about the things that made me who I am today, the things that I love, movies, television, music and more.  The first regular series I started was my daily post, Things I’m Grateful For.  At the time this daily blog was (and still is in a way) more of a reminder to myself on a regular basis that there are more things to be grateful for than not but, as I indicated, it has become so much more.

It is hard to believe that this has only been going on for a year, what with over 700 posts so far, it feels like I have been at it so much longer, but in a good way.  It has become part of my life, something that starts and ends each and every day, giving me some consistency in my inconsistent life.

I can’t say that it has been easy, no, at first it was a bit of a chore finding the right things to say, to talk about. Finding things to be grateful for every day was a challenge at first as well.  Heck, I was so self conscious about sounding sappy but when I finally realized that it didn’t matter as long as I was honest with myself, it became easier over time. Sometimes I even repeat some things from previous entries but I guess that just means I am doubly grateful for those. (coffee I am looking at you).

The thing that was the hardest was opening this blog up to friends, family and colleagues, as it is a place where some of my most private and intimate feelings are placed. I was afraid that, by doing that, I would be forced to wear the same mask I wear in public.  I soon discovered that I could use this as a judgement free zone and let it be a place where I could use that mask to keep my guardrails on without being untrue to myself and what I write about.   Now, after a year of writing,  it is something I look forward to, something I truly enjoy.  Sure, some of my old hobbies have suffered a bit, and my video gaming has slowed down some, but getting time to put words together in one place is nice. In that time I have had a few contributors who have been invited to share their works, @xanatosrein, @abenglish84, and @dreamforgernick.  While they havent been around much as of late, they have contributed with some fantastic articles about gaming and film in the past.

Then there are my regular readers.  Over one hundred and forty people have taken their time to actually follow this blog and, let’s be honest, many of you followed my blog as a courtesy since I followed yours and that’s cool  fine.  There are some of you, however, who like nearly every post, others occasionally chime in and say hello from time to time and it is partially because of all of you, commenters and casuals alike, that this is still around.  You mainstays know who you are but I want to call out a few of you who always like and/or comment on a regular basis, raistlin0903, Yazzeus, Angela, Yassy, Thebookwormdrinketh and several others more recently.   I will admit, although it started as a personal mantra, the fact people are actually interested in what I have to say has has helped to me going.  I do appreciate that. Thank you for sticking with me, I can’t say how much that means to me.

How long will I keep this up?  Who knows?  Hopefully for a long time to come, as it is becoming a pretty important part of my daily life and I don’t want to think of a day that I stop writing…something, anything.

So, let’s keep this going.

Things I’m Grateful For #365

  • My Friends
  • My family
  • You

Late To The Game 8/12/2018

Thanks for reading. Here comes the shameless plug for my articles and social media.  You don’t have to keep reading, but if you choose to, thanks!  As a reminder, you can also follow Late To the Game via your favorite social media format.   Here are all the links you need to make it convenient for you.





PS, the photo in the banner is one I took years ago from an airplane.  I did a little fancy editing to it to make it look like a painting.

Here’s a clean one without the text.  There is something about this shot that I love.

Late To The Game Sky

Thanks for reading my blog , If you would like to read more, I have a weekly series called Key Movies Of My Life that comes out every Thursday and also a series called Retro TV Review in which I am currently reviewing all of Star Trek The Next Generation.   If you dig Music, I have a semi regular series called Stand Out Albums that covers some of my favorite records I have come across in life.

As always, please feel free to comment below and share your experiences with these episodes as well. If you just happened by, tell me what you think! Don’t Forget To Follow me if you like the blog!

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2 thoughts on “Things I’m Grateful For #365 One Year Later…and still Late To The Game

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out: but you deserve all the credit. I have really enjoyed following your blog, as I love the incredible diverse content it contains that keeps my coming back to it every day.
    It’s even greater that this blog helped you get trough some rough patches as well. And it certainly has grown to something to be immensely proud of. Hopefully you will continue with it for many more years 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man! I have really enjoyed working on this blog and have learned a lot from it as well. This has really become my past time and stress reliever so it is too cool that something that brings me joy also happens to entertain others. I also quite enjoy our discussions on here. Thanks for sticking around!

      Liked by 1 person

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