I was not a Pixies fan. Lets get that out of the way first.  For some reason,  I never found the Pixies to be particularly appealing.  Sure, I appreciate their place in music history, but, despite sounding like a band I would enjoy, I really never cared for them.   This is important because my love for The Breeders does not stem from singer/songwriter Kim Deal time in the former band.   In fact,  I discovered my love for Kim and her identical twin Kelley through today’s album and to this day, they remain one of my favorites of my catalogue of 90’s bands.

Why This Album?

last splash 01

Introduced to me by my best friend Grayson, who I’ve talked about before,  we listened to this album a ridiculous amount of times.  In fact, we loved it so much we were determined to get the track, Cannonball,  to be our local stations number requested one song one evening and, in order to do that, we took turns requesting the track every fifteen minutes for several hours on end. To our surprise, our station was happy to oblige and that song played on a near loop for the rest of the day.  I believe we managed to get it up near the top but I can’t attest that we succeeded.   Needless to say, we loved the album and were determined to get others to love it as well.  Probably not the best way to do it, but these were the early days of the internet so social media didn’t even exist then so it wasn’t possible to tweet out to friends about a cool new album.

last splash 02
The band. Circa ’93(ish)

Twenty Five years later and this album is still one of the best of it’s time. There was a ton of music to choose from in ’93,  with Nirvana’s final studio album In Utero, Snoop Dog’s Doggystyle, even Radiohead’s Pablo Honey, but there is something that makes this album resonate even brighter than it’s peers.  Something that makes this album one that you can keep in rotation without it burning out within a few tracks. What that something is, I can’t say but you can bet it is because of Kim Deal and her drive to make good music.  It has a power and it is a power that can not be denied.

Lets not ignore the other members of this band though,  Kim’s insanely talented Twin sister Kelley, The awesome Jim MacPherson on Drums and the wickedly addictive bass riffs from Josephine Wiggs.  Without the entirety of the band, this album would have only been cool, with them, it is legendary.

 Favorite Tracks?

The album itself is a great rock album with brilliant lyrics and just an awesome overall sound.  Traveling between dark rock tracks into deceptively bright songs with a western spin, this is an album that almost feels like it has multiple personality disorder but in this instance, each personality is part of an amazing choir.

Obviously,  Cannonball is one of my favorites.  It is one that I can not get enough of to this day and I still find myself repeating it when I put this album on a spin.

Next up has to be Do you love me now? (written by Kim and Kelley) It’s a sad ballad about love, but one that has a nice sludgy guitar and bass line.  You can’t get much better than this. Although I adore the album version, My favorite cut of this song is on the Breeders Divine Hammer Single and is entitled Do You Love Me Now Jr?   It features J Mascis (of Dinosaur Jr) singing with Kim.  It is pretty great.

Finally,  Drivin on 9.   It’s a song about getting away, moving on and finding something beyond what is in the rearview mirror.   It has a country touch but we get a chance to hear guest Carrie Bradley on violin and it is perfect.  This is the only video I could find but it is pretty impressive on its own.

And a version of the band playing the song in bed.

Ok, Where do I get it?

These days you can pick up the album via Discogs for around $1.  seriously, that is a killer deal for such an amazing album.  You can also get a copy on vinyl for around $20 from Amoeba.  Totally worth it as well.  Or, of course, there is spotify.   No matter how you listen to this album,  just do it.  You’ll thank me later.

Late to the Game 08/21/2018

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