At a young age I watched a film I was probably a little too young for, Heavy Metal.  In it, I found an incredible animated world that showed me that cartoons were not necessarily for kids and that was a good thing.  Exploring further, I soon discovered that the movie was based on a magazine that was still in print.  Of course, I was soon able to get my hands on a few copies I soon discovered that, with my prepubescent mind in overdrive, I loved the blend of eroticism and science fiction. I’ll admit, the reason I first started reading the magazine was not just because of the stories but over time I found that, when writers and artists were free to explore their own craft without restrictions, some of the best stories tended to emerge.

Fast forward 25 some odd years and that very freedom of storytelling has returned with modern CG technology instead of the flat images on paper.  This is Love, Death + Robots.

The Series:


Love, Death + Robots is a love letter to the classic film and magazine Heavy Metal.  Created by David Fincher and Tim Miller, this is an anthology series that blends incredible animation with thought provoking stories about Timeless Artists (Zima Blue), Vampires (Sucker of Souls), Scifi Mythology (Good Hunting), classic war stories (Lucky 13), dairy domination (When the Yogurt Took Over) and many more.

Is it a ‘Good’ Series?


I am shocked at how good this series is. In just over three hours, you are presented with 18 of the most thought provoking and enjoyable short-films that have been made in years.  I am impressed with how Netflix allowed Fincher and Miller free reign to tell the stories they wanted to tell, no holds barred and no limitations.  The results are a mixed bag of tales, every episode a different art style making each story unique in not just it’s story telling but the manner as to which it is told.   This is, effectively a live issue of Heavy Metal magazine in every way.


Now, the series, much like the magazine it is inspired by, is not for kids and certainly not safe for work.  It is TV-MA with a heavy emphasis on Mature. If you have an issue with nudity (both male and female), language (plenty of F-bombs) or violence (yeah, nothing censored here either), then this is certainly not your cup of tea.  However, if you can open your mind to the fact that sometimes a story can be at it’s best if not given any limitations, then you will find some of the most fascinating and incredible stories you will see in any anthology series this year.  Not every episode has sex or violence, some are pretty tame in fact, but every episode is filled with pure creativity.

Favorite Episodes:

Three Robots:   This is one of the more humorous episodes and really a delight.  Some language and no nakedness.

LDR 11

Suits: Think Mechwarrior on a farm.  A really cool story with pretty incredible animation. Lots of violence, no nakedness.


When the Yogurt Took Over:  Narrated by Maurice LaMarche, this is what happens when you let dairy take over the world. Minor nudity but only brief.  Very little violence.


Good Hunting: A gorgeous Asian myth brought into an amazing Steampunk future. Some nudity, but tastefully done.


Lucky 13: You know those weird war stories soldiers tell about explainable events.  This is one of those and certainly one of the most touching. Language and violence, no nakedness and some truly amazing animation.


All of the other episodes are fantastic as well but these were the ones that I really liked the most.  You can watch the entire series in around three hours.  Totally worth your time.  Check it out now on Netflix.  I personally can not wait for more.

Thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review  I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you!

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Late To The Game 3/17/2019

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