The Twilight Zone has been a mainstay for me for most of my life.  Along with Star Trek, The original Twilight Zone series was a one that I would watch regularly with my dad. Every night in syndication we would watch another of Rod Serling’s classic tales and I would find myself swept into another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind.

Fast forward 60 years later and once again the journey into imagination has returned.  This time however, writer Director Jordan Peele is at the helm and, after two successful films, he takes on the classic that started sixty years ago.

So, let’s explore the latest episode of  The Twilight Zone.

The Episode:

A group of astronauts prepare for the first journey to Mars only to have to launch during a surprise Thermonuclear War.  Now they must determine whether to continue on their journey or attempt to maintain contact with any survivors.  This is a journey into the unknown via, the Twilight Zone.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

degrees 1.jpg

On paper, this episode probably looked really good.  I mean, here is a group of astronauts who have no clue whether they are facing the end of human life or just another in a long line of tests in their journey to make it to the red planet.

Throughout the tale we are faced with the fears and doubts of each of the crew members as they deal with the likelihood that that all of their friends and families are dead.   Through their journey off planet we are forced to travel along with them as they deal with their fears, doubts and anxieties over the tragic events on Earth and how they should deal with them.

While it has moments of intensity and at times feels like a truly tragic story, the twist and the end really doesn’t work this time.  I won’t spoil it for you but the basic concept comes down to whether they are really facing a tragedy or that this is yet another contrived test by Whipple, the Space Agency they are working for. If it is a test, is it worth risking that it may not be?

Bottom Line:

So far this has been the weakest of the episodes.  Not due to the actors or even the effects as the production value was really solid, but really because the story never really figured out where it wanted to go.  At one point it is a study in human nature and then it pivots to exploring the meaning of life itself.  It is an odd one that you will likely either love or hate.  To me though, it was just forgettable.

Late To The Game 5/15/2019

Next Episode: Not All Men

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