This is a theory I’ve been toying with for a while. This is absolutly speculation and there are probably some holes in this but it could work.

Star Wars Ep 8 theory: the Origin of Kylo Ren.

Han and Leia are not Ben (Kylo Ren) Solo’s biological parents. In fact he is the estranged son of Luke Skywalker.
Fearing that raising Ben while leading the New Jedi Order would lead to Ben’s fall to the darkside, Luke asks his best friends, Han and Leia to raise Ben as their own. Knowing that Leia was focusing on her political career, He makes them promise to keep him away from any use of the Force so that Ben is not tempted by the dark side.
Unfortunately Ben finds out that he is force sensitive and begins to secretly practice on his own. Leia, sensing Ben’s darkness rising, begs Luke to take his ‘nephew’ on in his school. Luke reluctantly agrees but insists their secret remain intact.
During Ben’s Training, Luke subconsciously holds Ben back, fearing that if he gets too powerful he would fall like Anakin once had. Ben becomes jealous of Luke’s apparent focus on another Jedi trainee and her daughter (Rey?) so he begins searching for answers in the holocrons, hoping to prove to his value to his Uncle.

Ben soon discovers his true heritage , and, after Luke refuses to discuss Vaders history with him, Ben seeks answers of his own. In his journey, He finds a former Crimson Guard to the Emperor that witnessed the death of the Emperor and survived the destruction of the second Death Star with horrible scars. Wishing revenge on Luke Skywalker, the Former Crimson Guard Snoke, stokes the flames of the Dark Side in Ben and leads him to become Kylo Ren. Kylo is then sent back to destroy the fledgling Jedi Order with his new Order of Ren companions, all trained as ‘antiJedi’ by Snoke. He is unable to finish the job when he comes face to face with the daughter of the Jedi Luke had been training. Unable to kill this innocent, he flees before ending Luke’s life, inadvertently leaving Luke broken and a failure. Luke flees after seeing that his son had fallen and blames himself for not choosing to be his Father.

This will all lead to an epic scene in episode 8:
Luke and Kylo face off. Luke tells Kylo that he can still sense the good in him. Kylo says that’s impossible because he had killed his father and nothing could bring him back now. Luke says, ‘No, you didn’t kill your father because I am your Father.’ Kylo flees unable to handle The truth he had never known. The circle is now complete.

Let me know what you think?

Late To The Game 9/25/17

6 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 8 theory: the Origin of Kylo Ren

  1. Finally saw the movie this morning. I liked it more than I thought I would. There were plot holes and flaws – as there have been in all the Star Wars films (including the classic first three) but I was able to put them in the background against the action sequences. The look of the film was spectacular – loved the use of color. I understand the criticism, but all in all, this one was more enjoyable that any of the newer films, except Rogue One.

    Nice review, thanks for sharing.

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  2. What if Rey’s parents were powerful Siths…..and luke killed them? What if Rey finds out? What if Luke tells her, himself?

    Is Snoke really Palpatine? If he is Darth Vader it could explain the gouge in his head. If he is really Lord Vitiate, it could explain his age and knowledge.

    Is Rey the reincarnation of Shmi Skywalker? Could she be another daughter of Padme?

    Who is Maz Kanata? How old is she? Did she ever know Yoda? Does Snoke know of her?

    Will Rey give in to Snoke and turn Dark? If she does, will Kylo Ren be jealous of Snoke’s interest in her over him….and turns to the Light side of the force? If both of those happen, what will Luke do?

    Will we hear any communication or message at all from the force-ghosts of Yoda or Obi-wan?
    I hope we get answers.

    #TheLastJedi #StarWars8, #Scifi, #LukeSkywalker

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  3. Hmm, that is quite an interesting theory. It could work, but I don’t really know if Han Solo would ever agree to go along with something like this. And the way he touched his son before his demise, really proved that he felt love for him, but I guess that’s possible for a foster son as well. It’s a nice theory. Only a few months before we find out if it’s true 😊

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    1. Thanks, I too doubt this is really the case but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I don’t think Disney would go that deep in a story though, they tend to like doing the obvious thing so ‘non-fans’ can follow along. Fan Theories always tend to be more involved than the actual thing. Haha.

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