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The Team:

Editor/Lead Writer: S.R Kheas is a middle aged blogger who likes everything geeky and fun. He’s part of what is known as ‘The Lost Generation’, those that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s in a time before, during and after the rise of the Internet. This blog serves as a testament to his journey so far and his continuing journey in life. It will contain daily musings, random thoughts, reviews, poems and the occasional story about key moments or things in his life. If you like what you see, please follow him (say hello if you like) and join him in his journey.

Site Art Branding Guru: Dreamforger Nick

Nick runs the company Dreamforger Studios and, to put it bluntly, makes really cool shit!  Seriously, this guy has it and if you need art, well, look no further.  I mean, he designed the LTTG branding so yeah…

Contributor and Board Game Expert: Raeldren

Board-game designer Dad, Husband and all around awesome guy.  If you want to know about Board games and Video games, He’s your man!

Contributor Shannonforman:  New to the site so more to come on her!



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