You know when someone says that things can not get any worse, yeah, that is usually no where near the reality.  If the title of this one is any indication to you, things are not getting any better for our intrepid crew of Deep Space Nine.  Originally airing on May 5, 1999 this is When it Rains…

The Episode:

Station Log Stardate 52684.3  When It Rains…

The Cardassian rebellion goes into full swing with the help of the Federation and Doctor Bashir makes a discovery that makes things even worse.   Meanwhile, Dukat and Kai Winn continue their plans to bring back the Pah Wraiths…

The Breakdown:

Rains 1

After the devastating battle from the last episode O’Brien tries to find a way past the Breen weapons that destroyed the USS Defiant.  Discovering that the ISS Ki’tang was the only ship immune, he pushes forward with his research.  As O’Brien works on a solution to the Breen issue, Sisko, Admiral Ross and their allies begin plans to help Damar regain control over Cardassia with a little help from an unlikely source, Kira Nerys.

Story A: Medical Anomalies.

Rains 4

At the Doctors urging Odo volunteers a sample of his ‘goo’ so that Bashir can find a way to use the morphagenic compound to save lives.

As Julian begins his analysis of Odo, he finally confronts Ezri about why she has been avoiding him.  She begins to tell him about her feelings but, as usual, is cut off by both Julian and a discovery that Odo might have a problem.  Contacting Odo, Julian informs the shapeshifter that, despite not exhibiting any symptoms, Odo is infected with the disease that is killing his people. Julian assures Odo that he will find a cure.

Determined to get to Odo’s medical files from Starfleet, Julian finds nothing but resistance.  Apparently Odo’s medical files have become classified much to Julian’s dismay. Not only that but Starfleet has no desire to find a cure, even if it means saving Odo’s life. Julian discusses the matter with O’Brien and decides to ask Sisko to help him retrieve the files.

Rains 13

Getting the files they need through Sisko, Julian and O’Brien discuss his nonstart relationship with Ezri.  As they discuss the matter, Julian realizes that the data submitted is in fact a fake version sent to throw Julian off his path.  Julian realizes that Section 31 is involved in the cover-up and now he needs a way to find out what they know and why they are covering this up.

Continuing his investigation, Julian discovers that Odo was infected prior to his link with the Female shapeshifter. It seems that Odo was infected three years prior when Odo was at Starfleet Medical.  Julian realizes that Section 31 used Odo as patient zero causing their one allied shapeshifter to infect his entire people.  Julian and O’Brien agree that they need to get their hands on a cure for Odo, before Section 31 gets their hands on them.

Story B: You Say You Want A Revolution?


Kira and Garak head off on their mission to assist Damar in his attempt to rebel against the Dominion.  Prior to leaving, Damar is concerned about Kira’s place as a Bajoran officer so Kira temporarily joins Star Fleet at the rank of Commander.

Rains 10

On Cardassia, Damar begins his preparations to strike against the Dominion.  Although he is not thrilled with the idea that he has to accept Kira’s help, he makes it clear to his soldiers that this is the only way to save Cardassia.

With bad news from Julian (see story C), Odo and Kira have to push aside their concerns in order to continue their mission.  Arriving at the Headquarters of the Cardassian Liberation Front (CLF), Kira, Odo and Garak find their reception to be less than pleasant.  Pushing that aside, Kira begins to train the Cardassian Front the necessary skills to form an underground rebellion. Even though the Cardassians are resistant to attacking their own people, Damar realizes that Kira and Odo are correct in their summation that the Dominion will use their own people against them no matter what.

Even though Kira is there to assist, some of the Cardassians make it clear to Kira that she and Odo are not welcome there.  Kira resists the taunts from the Cardassians they were sent to help but makes is clear to Odo that she is not happy with the situation.  Odo soon notices that he is starting to show signs of the degenerative virus and, trying to spare Kira of any more hardship, he hides the illness from her.

Story C: Stolen Valor

Rains 8

Gowron pays the station a visit to induct Martok into the Order of Kahless.   Putting the past behind him, Gowron accepts Worf into the house of Martok and the Klingons begin their celebrations.

After the ceremony, Martok is essentially the ‘most famous warrior in the Empire’.  Unfortunatly, Gowron informs Martok that he expects his general to step down as Gowron is taking direct command over the Klingon Forces.  Martok is dissapointed in this turn of events as it is clear that Gowron is essentially stealing Martok’s glory.

Now removed from his command, Martok is furious at the turn of events.  It seems that Gowron is afraid that Martok will try to take over the Empire even though the General has no desire to do so.  Even with the obvious dishonor, Martok agrees that they need to back Gowron in his mission no matter the reasons behind it.

Much to Martok’s dismay, Gowron informs the former General that he plans to attack the Dominion head on.  The Chancellor makes it clear that he wants to gain the glory of defeating the Dominion himself, leaving his allies behind but also putting the entire Klingon Empire at risk.  Martok and Worf realize that Gowron may need to be stopped, no matter what.

Story D: Penance

Rains 9

On Bajor, Kai Winn pretends to be concerned about her missing companion, Sobor.  It is obvious that Winn’s attitude toward Dukat has changed but she is still pursuing her mission to free the Pah Wraiths. That night, Dukat begins to dive in to the book of the Kosst Amojan and soon discovers that he is not worthy of it’s contents when it literally blinds him with it’s powers.

With Dukat blind, Winn takes advantage of his ailment and removes him from her offices, casting him out on the street.  Kai Winn informs Dukat that he may return when he proves himself worthy and his sight has been restored.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Directed by Michael Dorn this episode serves as a great midpoint to the Final Dominion War story arc.  We have already set the board and had the first attack in the game so now we are resetting the board for the next play.  While nothing major in terms of larger events take place, each of the story elements have key vitally impotent plot points that will eventually serve to wrap up the epic story that is Deep Space Nine.

Rains 14

In the segment I call Medical Anomalies, we finally find out what is causing the illness that the shapeshifters have contracted and, more importantly, who caused it.  Not ironically it was through Odo himself that Section 31 attacked the Founders inadvertently causing Odo to be the potential cause of the death of his own people.  For someone who had spent his entire life searching for his own kind, to be the cause of their demise is sure to affect Odo in ways we can not imagine yet.

Bringing Julian into this to not only discover the virus’ origin but also link it to Section 31 is a brilliant move as it ties together two of the most intense story lines so far.  Knowing what Julian knows about Section 31, how is he going to be able to get the information he needs without being ‘dissapeared’ by Sloan himself?  I guess we will have to wait and see…

Rains 2

It was only a matter of time before Damar and his revolution got underway and who better than Kira Nerys to help him make it into a legitimate underground movement.  In their story line it is clearly a struggle for Kira to even consider assisting her former enemies and clearly the same for the Cardassians toward her.

To me, this shows some tremendous character growth for both Kira and, in a way, Damar himself.  When we first met Kira, the mere suggestion that she would need to help even a single Cardassian would have thrown the former Freedom Fighter off the deep end.  As the series has progressed we have seen  a Kira that has not only become a better person, but has also begun to realize that not everyone is her enemy.  One of the hardest lessons for Kira to learn is that sometimes you have to work with those you don’t like in order to serve the greater good and this is certainly one of those times.  For Damar, it is simply realizing that Kira is his only hope in saving his people.  Here is a man who has to set aside his personal pride in order to free Cardassia and, incredibly, he is doing just that. It can not be easy for the former right hand to Dukat and leader of the Cardassian people, but as they say, War makes for Strange Bedfellows.

Rains 11

Rumblings are certainly happening in the segment I call Stolen Valor.  It has been some time since we have seen Gowron but his presence has certainly been known.  However, for him to step in and literally take Martok’s honor as his own under the guise of a ceremony of honor is below even a Ferengi (present company excluded of course).  To Martok’s credit though, the General truly wants what is best for his people and, while unhappy with the situation, steps aside to allow his Chancellor to lead as he sees fit. That being said, It doesn’t seem that Worf is as willing to play ball as the good General…only time will tell.

Rains 5

Finally we come to the continuing story of Kai Winn and Dukat.  While this was a very small segment that didn’t seem to go anywhere, the real matter is that this alliance is starting to fall apart before it really unified.  Interestingly we are finally starting to see the evil that has been there all along in the form of Kai Winn.  While we have known that she is self serving, her discovery of even a greater power that she believes she can control makes her a more than formidable foe that none of our heroes is aware of.  While everyone pays attention to the clowns and jugglers, it seems the lions are creeping up on the audience to feast.   Will the two reconcile or have the Pah Wraiths forsaken Dukat despite his allegiance?  We shall see…

Overall, this was a good board reset setting the pieces in place for the events to come in the final four episodes of Deep Space Nine.  Will the Federation survive the Dominion’s incursion?  And where the heck is the Enterprise in all of this?  I mean, with such a major threat to the Federation you would think that their flagship would be involved!  Anyhow, part five of the Final Chapter is in the bag and things are only just beginning…

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

Rains 12

  • The seeds of the Ezri/Bashir relationship keep being scattered by the wind as Julian and Ezri just can not seem to communicate.  Taking a spin on the classic ‘will they/won’t they story arc’ I am happy that the writers are not rushing anything at this point.
  • We see Odo hiding his ailment from Kira really showing that he not only wants to prevent her from worrying but also that he knows that she is dealing with enough stress as it is.  While she is sure to be pissed at him for hiding this from her, you have to admire how much he understands her nature.  She is far more important to the greater good and he will do nothing to compromise that.

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Late To The Game 3/23/2020

Rains 3
‘I said I needed a urine sample Odo’  ‘I Know.’

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