I entered this episode truly ready to hate every minute of it. It’s not because of the change of the Doctor either (yeah, I know you were thinking that), it’s for a much simpler reason. There have been very few Christmas Specials in this series that I have liked (fewer that I loved) and, truth be told, I have not been a fan of Steven Moffat’s writing overall. Don’t get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, I just don’t care for how he was written by Mr. Moffat. I think he was horribly wasted as an actor and we have not had a chance to really see him at his best these past few years. So After trudging through three particularly dreary years of Doctor Who, I was ready to toss this in the refuse bin with most of Moffat’s work.

I’ll be careful not to spoil too much okay?

The Episode

The Doctor meets himself. Okay, that sounds existential doesn’t it? With Doctor Who, however it is possible in a wibbly wobbly timey wimey kind of way. You see, at the end of the last season the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is killed. The Doctor, doesn’t quite die in a normal way, no he does things the long way around. When The Doctor dies, he simply regenerates into a new body and voila we get a new Doctor, well the 12th Doctor refuses to do that so now we’ve got a problem. Meanwhile, in the past…or the future..well 709 episodes ago The 1st Doctor (played by William Hartnell and David Bradley) also refuses to regenerate and this crazy happenstance causes some serious time issues which causes The 1st and the 12th Doctors to meet and it is fantastic.

The story is a simple one and, thankfully, not too heavy on the Christmas theme as those that do focus on Christmas tend to be pretty crappy. I’m looking at you Doctor Who Christmas Special 2010…flying sharks indeed… Anyhow, this episode deals with people out of time and a threat that is kidnapping people while taking their memories at the very moment of their deaths. The Doctor(s) think that something evil is amiss and, of course have to stop it. Along the way they sweep up a WWI Captain into the mess and Bill Potts returns (which isn’t a spoiler as she has been in all of the ads so far. so there.)

But…Was it good?

This was perhaps the perfect send off for Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat. (As both of them are leaving the series after this one.) While Capaldi was excellent as the Doctor, as I mentioned above, Moffat did not give him a chance to really breath in the role and I feel we were cheated a person who easily could have been the best of them all. This episode is bittersweet as it really gives us that Doctor we wanted from Capaldi and the writing we wanted from Moffatt but…this is it for them both so we won’t get anymore. Which is really a damned shame.

As for everyone else, David Bradley did an amazing job in his portrayal as The First Doctor so much in fact that it kind of makes you wish they would do more recasting of the past incarnations so that we have additional multi-doctor adventures. I would love to see more of the classics return and maybe, just maybe, they will now that it has been shown to be successful…..please?

Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts made us remember just how much we liked Bill this last season and, just like Capaldi, I was sad to see her go as well.

Then there is Mark Gatiss as The Captain. Gatiss is a remarkable actor of his own right and he continues to be just that in this as well. I always look forward to seeing this man on screen and I was not disappointed.

Overall it was a terrific episode and I am very glad that Capaldi went out with a bang.

In his last words:

Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind.

Doctor – I let you go.

Thanks for reading

Late to the…

WAIT A SECOND! What about the regeneration?!

Oh yeah…

The Future

I won’t tell you how it happens but boy is it a violent one and we get to see the 13th incarnation of The Doctor as portrayed by Jodie Whittaker for all of a couple of minutes. She utters one phrase and woosh she’s out the door….quite literally in fact….well…you’ll see.


Seriously? she was on the show for all of a few minutes. It took me half a season to make up my mind about Matt Smith as The Doctor so, no, I don’t and CAN’t have an opinion yet.


Nope, Not commenting. My wife and I both feel like it was all a bit of a publicity grab on the BBC’s sake but we will reserve judgement of Jodie’s performance when we finally get to see her in action in about a year or so. So until then…well, I will say nothing! HA!

So there you go, my review of Twice Upon a Time The Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Late To The Game 12/26/17

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Late To The Game 12/20/17

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