• Netflix and Hulu. To have access to so many tv series from my past is amazing. Now if someone would just upload Tales from the Darkside…
  • Having time to Work on my Retro TV Blog. It has been so much fun rediscovering Star Trek TNG. Can’t wait to get to the next series I plan to review!
  • How easy it is to get information. These days that is such an amazing thing about technology. We literally carry pocket computers around with us all the time! The future is NOW!
  • And finally, Delores O’Riordan. Today, we lost another brilliant light from my youth. The Cranberries were a big part of my life in the 90s and I am grateful to have her music dispite her no longer being with us. She was ever saintly in a way.


Late To The Game 1/15/18

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