As October is the month to do so, this month we focus on Horror. So today’s entry is part of one of the most classic franchises to bare the name of the holiday that is coming at the end of the month, Halloween.   I know what you are going to say.  ‘WHAT?! How could you consider this to be a Key Movie of Your life and totally ignore the original Halloween?!  This one doesn’t even have Michael Myers In It!!!’ And you’re absolutely right, but here me out, this is actually not a bad flick. In fact, it is one of the films that cemented my love of Halloween Season and my passion for Horror overall.

Today’s Key Movie:

halloween 3 4

You have to understand something before we begin.  John Carpenter’s Halloween was never meant to be a franchise about The Shape aka Michael Myers.  In fact it was meant to be a franchise about the holiday itself, Halloween.  So, After the runaway success that was Halloween and Halloween II, the producers decided to go back to their original intent and tell a new Halloween story, one about Masks, Witches and a curse.

The story follows Doctor Atkins, a man who is having family problems while being a dedicated medical practitioner.  One night a man is brought to him who keeps claiming that ‘they are coming to kill us’.  Soon his patient is killed and Dr. Atkins becomes involved in a sinister plot involving a mask company, a missing stone from Stonehenge and, of course, modern technological Witchcraft.

Why this movie?

halloween 3 2

The film is about a sinister plot by a company called Silver Shamrock Novelties who plan to evoke an ancient evil by imbuing the masks they make with evil intended to kill those who wear their masks.

For A Halloween film there is nothing more terrifying than your own costume being responsible for your own death.  This is the case in this film.  Due to the machinations of the Silver Shamrock Company, the very masks are the threat and will be used to not only kill the wearers but also kill those around them.

Okay, you like this film, but is it really a ‘good film’?

halloween 3 1

For many people this is considered to be the worst of the Halloween franchise as it is not part of the ongoing saga of Michael Myers.  The thing is, it is intended to be a separate entry as this was to be the first of many more anthology stories surrounding the holiday of Halloween.  Much like the more modern film Trick r Treat, this was meant to be something unique that would spawn more stand alone Halloween entries. Sadly, due to moviegoers expecting more Michael Myers slasher film action, the film failed at the box office and the idea of a Halloween Anthology died with it.

On its own, it is a terrific movie that explores a modern take on witchcraft and Celtic mythologies.  Not only is the factory involved in the plot but the entire community surrounding the company involved.  As the story digs deeper, the plot only thickens.

If you can separate it from the other Halloween Films, and get the idea of it being an improper sequel to the Myers Franchise, then this is indeed a film for you.  It is a great one to watch during the month of October and has some genuine scares.

As usual, the original trailer:

OK, where do I get this movie?

You can pick up a copy of this cult classic on bluray for around $10 here.  It is absolutely worth the watch and I think you will be pleased with the film.   Give it a go this Halloween season and maybe you will add it to your collection as I have.

And in the tradition of the film, 26 days till Halloween:

Late To The Game 10/4/2018

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2 thoughts on “Key Movies Of My Life: Halloween III Season Of The Witch (1982)

  1. I completely agree with you. Even though Michael Myers aka the Shape (gotta love that lol) was absent I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was well made and at times genuinely frightening too. Fun to see a post about this film that is positive for a change 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is one of those cases that had the movie been named anything else, it likely would have been remembered fondly. Because of that I believe it has been very unfairly judged. To this day, this is absolutely one of my favorite horror flicks.

      Liked by 1 person

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