Sometimes you rediscover a band through another band and soon find yourself immersed in a album you should have loved from the start.  This is what happened with today’s Stand Out Album, The Gabe Dixon Band.

Why This Album?

I am a big fan of the band Semisonic.  Yeah, I know, you probably think they only released a single hit by the name of Closing Time, but it would surprise you that they actually had several more albums beyond that one.  In fact, the lead singer Dan Wilson, has had quite the solo career of his own post Semisonic and it is there that I discovered the album The Gabe Dixon Band via the Dan Wilson Live Album ‘Live at the Pantages‘.  Track on the album was a cover of this song and, at first, I thought that maybe I had missed a song on one of Dan’s (or Semisonic’s) albums.  Dumbfounded at the fact that I had not heard one of Dan Wilson’s songs, I began to research it only to discover, this was a cover.  (heh that rhymed)

I have a playlist on Spotify called ‘Feel Better’.  This is a playlist of songs I like to listen to when I am stressed or sad for some reason.   It is full of tunes that I either really love or that just make me feel better, hence the name.  When I first heard the tune ‘ All Will Be Well’ on Dan’s live album, I knew it had to be part of that playlist.  So, when I found the album it came from, I was even more surprised at the plethora (a what?) of uplifting music I had just stumbled upon.

Gabe Dixon band cover

This album,  The Gabe Dixon Band is one that is incredible from start to finish.  Gabe’s voice accompanied by his piano is just delightful from the first moment of the first song. It is an album that is terrific to take on a road trip with you, for the start of a long commute, or just when you need to feel good about yourself.  Every song is full of inspiration and positive reinforcement, something that is not common in many albums.  Blending several styles of music and inspirations from Jazz tunes to even channeling touches of Paul Simon at times,  this is one that I would easily consider to be among the pantheon of ‘Perfect Albums’, there are not many of those, but this is certainly one of them to me.

While I haven’t gotten into much of Gabe Dixon’s other works, this album is one I just keep coming back to.  Everything about it just puts a smile on my face. It is a rare thing for an album to have that kind of effect on someone so quickly.

 Favorite Tracks

Obviously this one.  All Will Be Well is tremendous.

This one reminds me of my favorite Paul Simon album Graceland, almost seems it could have been a lost track off of that album.

This one is a cool play with sounds invoking traffic with it’s opening notes coupled with Gabe’s voice.  It is a clever tune and one that gets in your head.

Ok, Where do I get it?

Even though the band has broken up and Gabe has gone ‘solo’, you can still get this album here for around $15.   Or, of course, Spotify.

Everyone needs a pick-me-up sometimes and this one sure fits the bill.  Give it a go on a rough day.  You wont regret it.

Late to the Game 1/8/2019

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