This series just keeps getting better with each episode.  Taking a nod from DS9, Discovery has developed a great balance between stand alone episodes and an ongoing story line.  Tonight’s episode focuses on the main story line, bringing us back to the Red Angel and Burnam’s search for Spock.

The Episode:

After discovering that The Red Angel is a time traveler, Burnam is now more determined than ever to find Spock so that she can get answers. While Burnam heads off to find her brother, Pike remains behind with The USS Discovery to determine where the Red Angel came from and soon has to deal with strange temporal disturbances that threaten the ship and it’s crew.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

light 3
Ah, Kid Spock is ADORABLE!

Exploring Spock’s past is a risky move and would be for any Star Trek series.  So far, even with some fans calling foul, this series has done a good job exploring a time before we see him on the Original Series.  What a lot of fans seem to forget is that the Spock we saw in the pilot episode, The Cage, was a very different Spock than was in the series with Kirk.  He was one to smile and to react with emotion and even looked a little different.  Now, this has been explained in reality as this was really a test episode to prove the concept of the series, however it was never really explained canonically.   Something tells me, the Spock that served with Pike was a vastly different Half-Vulcan that we have come to know and love and we may indeed find out why that was.

light 2
The new Cagney and Lacey series on CBSAllaccess looks dope.

Overall this was a solid episode that is moving the plot along nicely. From Burnams protecting her foster brother to another, rather rushed, reunion with Georgiou to a strange time dilation aboard the Discovery, the episode moves at a fast pace and almost feels like there are too many paths to follow to make sense out of what is going on.  I really wish they would focus on only a couple of events at a time instead of bouncing around so much but, to be honest, they are doing a pretty good job at it as it is.  Thankfully there wasn’t another useless Klingon subplot in this one!

Interestingly enough it feels as if we are coming to a finale even though there are still four episodes remaining in the season.  Hopefully this doesn’t mean this story is wrapped up too quickly but all signs seem that this is going to wrap up in an epic fashion.

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

light 9
Holy crap! Spock found a piece of the Triforce and entered the Temple of Time, that explains EVERYTHING!
  • Spock was initially headed to the Mutara Sector, the same sector that contains The Mutara Nebula which happens to be the place he died in The Wrath of Khan, coincidence?
  • We get a really great glimpse into Spock and Burnam’s past as children. One interesting aspect is that we see his family home on Vulcan effectively eliminating the canon of the Animated Series episode Yesteryear which was the last time we saw Spock’s childhood home. Still no mention of Sybok though, I guess he really is the black sheep of the family.
  • I really like Amanda in this series.  She come across as the caring mother I always believed she was but we never really saw in previous appearances.

    light 8
    It’s either Predators or this is freakin Braniac invading the Star Trek universe.
  • The augmented Human known as Airiam has been infected with a future virus.  I have to wonder if this is not the birth of a certain cyborg species from TNG.
  • So Spock suffered from the Vulcan version of Dyslexia as a kid. Gee, I guess Vulcan medicine isn’t all what it is cracked up to be.
  • Burnam is pretty much a kung fu master.

    light 7
    Finish her!!!!
  • So Spock has information about an invasion from the future and this has royally ef’d him up.  I have a bad feeling this is how they are going to tie in the Picard series that is due out later this year.  I fear that there might be a really strange cross over that I am not sure we will really need.  Then again, if Picard is dealing with a similar invasion as they are in this one, it could be interesting…
  • Talos IV!?  Oh boy, will this be a sequel to The Cage itself?

Teasers from next weeks episodes below, including Talosians!!!!!

Thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review,  I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you! Some teasers of next weeks episode below!

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Late To The Game 2/28/2019

light 5
So they ditched the togas and got a cranial ridge.  Really guys?  Did you HAVE to make the Talosians look MORE ALIEN, I mean, they already had GIANT BRAIN HEADS?! 


light 6
So a sentient robo race from 500 years in the future attacks Earth….hmmmm has Picard been time travelling again?


4 thoughts on “Scifi TV Review: Star Trek Discovery Season Two Episode Seven: Light and Shadow

    1. Right?! Maybe I’m getting old but I really dont understand their motivation to ‘upgrade’ all of the aliens. Especially the ones that have been established for well over 30 years. I can understand the Talosians but more cranial ridges? come on! Seems lazy to me.

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