There is something to be said for insanity and today’s Stand Out Album certainly fits the bill.  The Presidents of the United States of America (POTUSA) were a band that appeared practically out of nowhere in the mid nineties and entertained us with one of the most eccentric and fun albums to arrive in that decade.  This is The Presidents of the United States of America.

Why This Album?

potusa album

Released at the tail end of the grunge era, POTUSA was an album that was nearly an immediate hit due to it’s upbeat tone, ridiculous lyrics and catchy tunes.  It was a huge departure from the sludgy guitar of the grunge era and a somewhat welcome change bringing in a tone of fun and irreverence that had been missing from much of the music released up until that point.

For me, this was an album I loved from the moment I heard the hit song, Lump, on MTV.  Like many others, I found Lump to be an exciting energetic song that really just put me in a good place.  It didnt mean anything and that was okay, for once it was fine for a song to be just for fun with no deeper meaning to it.

The album itself is a crazy lineup of fun rock and mellow tunes providing highs and lows of emotion throughout.  Chris Bailew’s slightly nasally vocals accompanied by Dave Dederer on bass and Jason Finn on drums, the trio manage to put together a truly fun album that, to this day, remains one of their best efforts.  If you like something with a good sound from a band that just likes to jam out, this is the perfect album for you.  Drop it in, turn it up and let POTUSA regale you with stories about racing bugs, jerk cats, the price of fame and back porch jam sessions.

Favorite Tracks

The opening track is perfect.  Entitled Kitty, it fully captures the nature of pretty much every cat out there and how they are really the ones who run our lives, not the other way around.




We Are Not Going To Make It:  Wow,  there are not many self referential songs with this much brutal honestly but this really nails it.


Back Porch: The visual images in this one are great.  No string bass…heh.





Dune Buggy:   Heck yeah.  This one is just so fun. Racing bugs, Spiderman and a little blue dune buggy.  What more could you want?!



Ok, Where do I get it?

I can’t imaging this one ever going out of print.  In fact, you can still get it here for around $15 and the 10th anniversary edition is available on Spotify with some pretty rad bonus tracks.  Either way, give it a spin. You’ll thank me later.

Late to the Game 10/1/2019

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