When people think of The Guess Who thoughts immediately go to their biggest and most recognizable hit, American Woman.  Ironically, it is usually not their version that people think of but the 1999 version Lenny Kravitz covered.

With incredible and instantly recognizable hits such as ‘These Eyes’, ‘Undun’ and many others it is rather shocking that The Guess Who tend to be forgotten when people discuss the rock pantheon of the 60’s and 70’s which, to be honest is a real shame.

Formed in 1965, this Canadian rock group has had a plethora of members come and go including famed musicians such as Randy Bachman from Bachman-Turner overdrive. However in 1970 they released an album that has remained my favorite of theirs for much of my life. The Album, Share the Land.

Why This Album?

Guess WHo cover

Growing up, bands like The Guess Who were a mainstay in my home with my father owning more than one of their albums on vinyl. For some reason this was the album I kept coming back to regardless of how many times I rotated their work on our turn table.  It was fun and reminds me of my exposure to the music of my past giving me moments in time that remain positive moments in my life to this very day.

Share the Land is The Guess Who’s seventh album and contains some of my all-time favorite tunes from this rather epic band. Filled with rock anthems including Hand-me-down World, the title track Share The Land and many more, this album jumps in at full blast and only slows to give you some pretty great blues riffs that are not to be forgotten.

The cool thing about this album is that it is one that bares multiple repeats and holds up even to today’s recording standards.  With the trend of singer-songwriter music over the past ten years, Share the Land could easily fit in as a current release making it literally a timeless album.

If there is anything iconic about The Guess Who it is the very recognizable vocals by singer Burton Cummings.  I can’t even begin to describe his incredible singing style but the man has an almost crooning quality that blends rock, blues with a touch of gospel. Combining Cummings soulful voice with the talents of Guitarists Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw, Bassist Jim Kale and epic drummer Garry Peterson, this album never has a dull moment. The band seems rejuvenated after the departure of former guitarist Randy Bachman and it shows in every track.  Not that their previous albums were bad, in fact quite the opposite, but Share the Land is almost better than it really should be considering one of their key members had just left.

Bottom line, if you want a rocking album indicative of the early 70’s but one that still holds up to this day, look no further.  This is pretty solid all the way through.

Favorite Tracks

The title track is one you can not pass on. It is a classic an you will certainly dig it.

Three More Days is a soul full tune that just gets to me every time I hear it.  Pleading and begging it is a deep song that really hits hard.  Pure gold here.

Finally, one of my favorite ‘fun’ tracks that is so very different from the rest of the album but still solid is that of Coming Down Off The Money Bag.  It’s pretty great.  Trust me.


Ok, Where do I get it?

This album is still in print and you can get a copy here for around $17.  I personally think it is worth your time plus you get a few bonus tracks so there is that.  If you don’t want to fork over the dough and happen to have Spotify, well you are in luck there as well.

Regardless, give this album a spin. It’s pretty rad.

Late to the Game 5/26/20

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