I found out about the Murdocks when they opened for another musician I like, Ben Kweller.  Not expecting much from the opening band, we arrived just as the music started and it wasn’t long before I decided that I must have more from this band.  Going to the merch table as soon as their set was over, I picked up today’s album and it has since been high on my list of solid releases.

Why This Album?

murdocks cover

Hailing from Austin, Texas, this is yet another modern band that is clearly inspired by the sounds of the 90’s.  The Murdocks could easily have fit in with bands such as Fastball, Bush, Weezer, Green Day and many more.  However, even though they have a nineties flair, they almost channel a touch of the 60’s as well, creating a unique rock blend that is rarely heard these days. Singer/Guitarist Franklin Morris’ nasally singing voice is one of those voices that should never work but, somehow, he manages to sound like he is channeling the best parts of Gerard Way and Billy Corgan with a great band backing him the entire way. The other band members have some serious energy to support Morris’ intense vocals.  Kyle Robarge lays a great bass line while David Jones is a solid drummer through and through.

Although there was no apparent reason why this band should not have been an immense success with a fantastic album and a great sound to drive them, it seems that Distortionist would be their last release.  The band has since vanished, after a post on their facebook page telling the world that Franklin broke his hand.  With that last communique, any chance of more past this nearly perfect album was gone.  I guess sometimes, you only get one and you may as well put out a great one while you have the chance.

Favorite Tracks

Even though this band is gone, Luckily, they have one official music video entitled Black Jesus Knocking from this very album.  It is a pretty solid track and trust me, it barely scratches the surface of how good these folks are.


Thankfully Murdocks are back with a fantastic album entitled ‘III’ check out my review here and the album here. 

Past this one, I recommend the track Sleepy Queen & Charlie Brown

I also love the track Die Together.  It has a vibe about it that is just cool as heck and really showcases their unique style.

Ok, Where do I get it?

That’s going to be a tough one, you see, if you haven’t already bought a copy, you likely won’t ever see one in the wild.  Thankfully, Spotify has you covered for now.  I hope it stays on here because damn is it a great album.

Late to the Game 11/3/2020 (Originally published 6/25/19)

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