Five episodes in and we finally get into the meat of the story.   The quest to find the Federation has finally been completed but this is not the homecoming they expected.  Sure, they are welcomed in with, quasi, open arms, but there is much suspicion on both sides as, due to Discovery’s tale, it’s history is unknown to everyone in the future.  This, of course, causes some serious issues until they are able to prove themselves that is.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode? (Some Spoilers here)

This episode is basically the premiere part 2, we have established the universe and now, having met the nuFederation things can get rolling with the greater storyline.   

When Discovery arrives expecting a massive ‘welcome home’ it is shocked when the nuFederation is more interested in analyzing their ship and splitting up the crew than utilizing Discovery’s unique nature.  There is, however, a crisis that that Discovery is uniquely suited for and, after much deliberation, they go and solve the crisis.  While that might not seem like much, in the course of this episode we get a chance to finally get to know the Barzan officer  Nhan only to loose her in a sacrifice that, while it didn’t kill her, certainly removed her from the show for the time being.  I hate that she has left the show as I had really come to like her character so I hope we see her again eventually.

Now, we lost a crewmember but what about the bigger mystery?  The Burn and the state of the Federation.  Well…apparently the Federation doesn’t have any idea what caused the Burn however, it seems there may be a strange connection with a song that everyone knows but shouldnt be able to due to the fact that they cant get to one another any more.  It’s a strange connection but there is something there.   Plus, it seems that Georgiou is infected by…something? 

All in all, I am not sure how to feel about this latest episode, it certainly answered a few questions but in the process opened up many many more mysteries while also managing to present an intriguing ‘adventure of the week’ scenario.  I have a feeling this series is going to be one that we will have to go back and judge as a whole and not just the sum of it’s parts.   This one certainly felt like a very pretty cog in a giant clockwork engine that is running at breakneck speed to get…somewhere?

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

  • We learn that Blinking at holograms in a specific pattern breaks them…but how did Georgiou know this since they really didn’t have holograms in her time period?
  • We learn that Starfleet has a ship that contains all of the seed of all of the plants of the member species of the Federation…so of course that previously unknown ship is important to the story!
  • We get a glimpse of the USS VOYAGER NCC-74656-J, a 10th generation of the classic ship!  I have to wonder if any of the ships descendants are still around?
  • We see the USS Nog, which is a wonderful homage to the late Aaron Eiesnberg.
  • We learn that The Mirror Universe has not had a crossover in over 500 years but why is the glasses man so interested in this universe…is he from there?  I mean, he is played by David Cronenberg so…I mean…that is a tell if you know anything about this actor/director.  
  • My one single pain point? How is it in 900+ years that no one has found an alternative to Dilithium (other than the spore drive)?  I mean, surly Borg Tech could have been used or maybe the Traveler could have popped in and helped.  There is something seriously strange about the idea that no one can travel at warp because everyone is dependent on dilithium….around the galaxy.   I have to wonder…could the nuFederation have been responsible?  Or will this all be Burnhams fault too when she shot the red angel suit into the time stream only to detonate it?   I guess we will find out…eventually.

Until then…check out the glimpses of next weeks ep below! 

Thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review,  I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you! Some teasers of next weeks episode below!

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Late To The Game 10/15/2020

Special Thanks to Memory Alpha as they are one of the best sources for details on Star Trek information available.  Although I have a pretty deep knowledge on the subject, they have proven invaluable as a regular resource.

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One thought on “Scifi TV Review: Star Trek Discovery Season Three Episode Five: Or Die Trying

  1. I feel the same: also not quite sure what to make of this week’s episode. While certainly not bad, I also didn’t feel it was as good as some of the previous ones. We’ll see how things will progress from here on out. I am wondering what’s happened to Georgiou 🤔🤔🤔

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