Finally back from the Expanse and their detour to the past, the crew must deal with…well, everything.  Originally broadcast on October 22, 2004 this is Home.

The Episode:

Captain’s Starlog Date undetermined.

After celebrating their victory over the Xindi and their rescue of Earth from certain death, Archer and his crew find they need to acclimate to a new world that has had some significant changes due to the threat.  While on Earth, Archer goes on a forced vacation after an outburst toward the Vulcans only to be forced to and deals with his ex, Phlox encounters growing Xenophobia on Earth and T’Pol returns to Vulcan with Tripp to introduce him to her family.

What follows are various stories about their time back home leading up to Archer and Captain Hernandez making amends after Archer has nightmares about fighting some Xindi assassins, Enterprise getting a refit, Reed beating up people for attacking Phlox and finally T’pol getting married to get he mother her job back…but, much to Trip’s disappointment not to him…

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Honestly, this really should have been the season premiere this time around.  I understand the writers wanting to wrap up the Temporal Cold War, but that really should have been done either at the end of the last season or stretched out over the course of this one.  

Home is sort of a palette cleanser allowing the characters and the writers to basically start over setting the stage for the final voyager of the Enterprise NX-01.  Between Archer realizing that he really has been a complete and total asshat for the past year, Phlox realizing that Earth isn’t the planet he remembers any longer and Trip finally coming to terms with his love for T’Pol (albeit too late), there is a lot going on but each segment is done in very concise and bitesize segments interspersed through the episode.  While there is no real overarching story to speak of, Home gives us a chance to catch our breath after the insane adventures in the expanse and the nutty space Nazi story that started the season.

Overall,  This is a good restart to the series, sadly, this will be the last restart we get for Enterprise.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • We learn that Phlox can puff his face up when he is ‘threatened’.
  • We also learn that Archer has multiple schools that have been named after him.
  • So, T’Pol gets married….that happened.
  • Oh and Hoshi is free of parasites now!  Yay!

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Late To The Game 10/20/2021

Make sure they tell you how to change the clock on your arm rest, I still haven’t gotten mine to stop flashing 12:00.

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