We have travelled through the epic world of Puppet master and, today we come to what is the final film in the Puppet Master franchise as of the time of this article.  Blade The Iron Cross marks the first official spin-off of the Puppet Master franchise focusing on the iconic White Haired Killer and his exploits on his own during World War II.  So join us today as we discuss Blade The Iron Cross!

Today’s Key Movie:

Starring Tania Fox, Vincent Cusimano, Griffin Blazi and Roy Abramsohn, Blade the Iron Cross finds our tituar hero and a psychic war journalist (from the previous film) in their attempt to thwart the Nazi’s as they attempt to use a Death Ray to turn innocent people into Nazi Zombies.  

What follows is a part crime noir/part psychic/part mad scientist story that uses our one puppet friend as the means to push the story forward but sadly does so in a way that neither makes sense or is really cohesive in any way.  Throughout the film we jump from what appears to be corrupt (and rather perverted) cops, to the psychic girl using Blade to explore and murder enemies while there is also some crazy loose plot involving Zombie Nazis.   I mean, this franchise isn’t known for super solid plot lines but, this one finds itself making even less sense than any of the films before it.  The psychic girl who finds killers in her dreams can’t see that one of her own coworkers is a Nazi conspirator and, then there is a really strange guy in a gas mask that seems to be a really poorly inspired by the BPRD/Hellboy villain Karl Kroenen.  If you are going to introduce a character like this, at least make him interesting.

Even with the meandering and pointless plot and lame characters, this movie could still be good right?

…but is it any good?

I don’t know why, seeing that this series has slowly deteriorated over time, but I had hoped that this entry would be the redemption of the Puppet Master franchise as it focused on the most iconic of all the Puppets, one Blade.  Instead, we are treated to a complete madcap schlocky B-horror that is filled with terrible over (or under) acting, a meandering and often pointless plot and of course some very sub par special effects that rely too heavily on cheap camera tricks. I was only halfway through the film when I seriously considered just stopping it and moving on but, then I wouldn’t be able to wrap up my Puppet Master review series so, I suffered through this one just for you, dear reader. 

The only actor in the film that is worth mentioning is Tania Fox who, despite being cast in a really terrible movie clearly has some acting ability of her own.  Sadly the movie makes her less of a hero and more of a sex object with her appearing naked in the majority of her scenes whether it is necessary or not.  Sure, she is an attractive woman but, I thought we were finally past the 80’s B-Horror cheap sexploitation.  I guess I was wrong.  I really do hope we get a chance to see her in other films giving her a chance to really shine, without having to be used as nothing more than eye candy.

Also, once again, even though this movie was supposed to be about Blade, we really don’t see him in action much at all.  I thought for sure that this would be all about the killer puppet doing what he does best but, no, he was more of a footnote than anything else. Not even a sidekick even, literally a puppet of our psychic Elisa who never gets to do much until the tail end of the film.

I hate to say this but, outside of the few moments Tania gets to act,  there is really nothing that redeems this movie in any way.  It’s bad and not in a ‘so bad it’s good’ way either.  I adore the Puppet Master franchise even at the low points but, Blade The Iron Cross is an all new low for this series.  Frankly, I think they would be better off embracing the new reboot series and letting them have fun with it for a while.  That was entertaining at least! 

OK, where do I get this movie?

If you are a completionist like me, you can grab this one on the Full Moon Video web site.  I can’t say I recommend it but, I mean there are worse movies out there, so, you could really do worse than this.  Not much worse, but…it’s possible.  Needless to say, I don’t know that I am looking forward to the next spinoff, Doktor Death.  Then again, it can’t be any worse than this right?

That ends our Puppet Master Journey (for now at least)  what’s next?  Well come back next week and find out!   Until then…

Late To The Game 11/4/2021

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