A lost people on an identical Earth are found on the episode that originally aired on October 27, 1966  This is  Miri.

The Episode:

Captain’s Log Stardate 2713.5

Enterprise finds an identical Earth only to discover that a plague has wiped out all of the adults leaving only children behind.  Meeting a young woman named Miri, Kirk and his away team begin to try to find out why this plague happened and how to save the inhabitants of this mirror Earth.  Soon the away team begin to show signs of being infected and, after McCoy is able to synthesize a cure, Enterprise leaves a medical team to care for the kids and continues on it’s journey through space. 

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

So, Enterprise finds another Earth and ultimately leaves it never to even reference it again or try to figure out how the heck there was another Earth there to begin with? I mean, sure they were trying to deal with a strange plague that struck the inhabitants but, isn’t the bigger mystery how this Earth that seems to have stopped developing in the 60’s even exists?  I mean sure, we all know that they just used existing set pieces because it was probably cheaper but, still, the implications of this are astronomical.  Heck, the fact that this planet has never even been referenced again in any of the future series alone is a tragedy.  THERE IS ANOTHER EARTH PEOPLE?!  This seems like prime real-estate for Lower Decks at least! 

The fact that the biggest mystery in this episode is completely overlooked, the episode itself is actually a pretty solid one.  The idea of children having to survive on a planet by themselves in a Lord of the Flies fashion is not a new one, even when this episode first aired, but how this episode plays out is really fantastic. Almost everything in this episode works, from the creepy cult like gangs of children who age only one month per one hundred years to the fact that, at a certain age, kids are cast out to die because they are now ‘grups’.  This episode is full of dark and ominous messages that frankly still resonate even today especially the idea of how a plague is released after people attempt to extend their lives via artificial means only to obliterate most of the populous. Not to imply anything but perhaps this episode could be used as a warning to our own scientists that, while science itself is important for society to grow, perhaps it is okay to leave some things alone. 

Overall, this is a tremendous episode that is a classic through and through.  Sadly, we never hear what becomes of the children or even the alternate Earth itself.  Hopefully, we get some kind of resolution at some point in the future.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • One of the children is the daughter of William Shatner himself.
  • McCoy tests the cure on himself showing just how determined he is as a Doctor to save his crew.

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Late To The Game 12/27/2021

The last thing Kirk saw after Yeoman Rand realized that she had had enough…

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