One of my hobbies is collecting (and Building) 1/6 scale action figures. This hobby started thanks to a coworker who would sculpt and paint his own heads and even sew the clothing. While I am not that far into it (although I am learning how to ‘root’ hair) I do enjoy kitbashing and buying them when one catches my eye.

This review is for the “Shocking Guy’ from a company out of China Known as Craftone. Craftone is know for making figures that are ‘in the style of’ certain known movie properties that have not been properly served by the big companies such as Hot Toys, Sideshow, ThreeZero, etc. They help collectors fill a niche and it is very appreciated.

This particular figure is based on the classic character played by a very famous actor who is know for speaking the line ‘Heeere’s Johnny’ while bashing through a door with an axe. If you dont know who I am talking about, you either dont like horror or are just too young to have seen the film yet.

THE BOX 2 / 4


The boxes these figures come in usually set the tone for both the property and the quality of the figure that you will be displaying. This one succeeds in one and fails in the other. As for Tone, this Box nails it. With the Labyrinthian pattern of the movie’s hotel carpets, you know what this figure is about to bring to the table. As for quality, the box is very flimsy as such most show boxes are built better.


Inside you will find The figure itself, Two head sculpts, a complete set of hands and a fantastic fire axe. Sadly, as with many of these, no stand was included.


SCULPT 3.5/4


Sculpt is key in these figures and this one does well. For a non-licensed piece depicting a character it nails the likeness as close as it can without infringing on anyones rights.

With this one you get Two heads (one grimacing and one screaming) and a nice set of sculpted shoes.

The problem I have is with the teeth. They dont look right and honestly, with both heads showing them, they really needed to have one head have a neutral closed mouth pose.

The boots are very nice and work well.

The Fire Axe is fantastic and even has a metal Axe head giving it a good solid weight.

The hands…well they all look like chubby sausages, instantly demanding to be replaced with better hands.

PAINT 3.5/4

The paint job on this is really amazing for an unofficial figure. I was particularly impressed with the weathering on the boots. The heads are cleanly painted with no mess. Great skin detail and slight 5-o’clock shadow effect. Where we lose points are the hands. The fat fingered hands look too pale and come off as very plasticy. Not good.


One thing this company excels at is their tailoring. Past releases such as the ‘Seven’ Detective and Senior Detective, have all had amazing tailoring and this one is no exception. The iconic corduroy jacket is made of real corduroy, while all of the other clothing is spot on. He is even given a little bit of a gut via padding around the waist, which may be a tad much but it works.

Love the clothing on this one!

Articulation: 4/4

No complaints here. They use a proprietary body that is very heavy but does the job well.

Accessories: 2/4

wp-image-146949458None to speak of outside the Fire Axe and extra head sculpt. (and those horrible pale sausage hands) Sadly my second head sculpt seemed to be missing its neck plug but otherwise it was good.


For the price I can’t complain. This is a solid figure and will run you from $135-150 depending on where you find it. I wouldn’t pay more than $135 for it but, since it is doubtful an ‘official’ version will come out in the future, I have a feeling that this guy is going to sell out fairly quickly so grab one where you can.

You can find this one on some of my favorite 1/6 scale sites:

Monkey Depot: for $134.99

Monsters In Motion: $144.99

Man of Action Figures: $199.99

Or on ebay of course.

This will be the perfect gift for your son, I promise.

Thank you for reading.

Late To The Game 8-13-17

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