If you have been reading my blog you are already aware of my fandom of Judge Dredd.  I love the character and really enjoy his comic adventures.  When Mezco launched the One:12 collective line I was excited that one of their first releases would be the classic 2000AD version of Judge Dredd.  As usual, the folks at Diamond Collectibles embraced the trend and came up with this cool variant on the already great figure.  I present to you Mezco One:12 Judge Dredd PX ‘Cursed Earth’ Edition.

Today’s Figure:

This is one of the very first releases in the Mezco One:12 line and, if you didnt know better, you would have thought it was from a line that had been around a while.  The figure has a quality about it that gives you everything you want from a 1/6 scale figure but in something only 6 inches tall.

The Box:

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Mezco really goes all out with this box. The box itself is a solid color blue with a great slip sleeve that shows the iconic helmet on the front and the figure on the back.   I usually bemoan slip sleeved on figure boxes but this is a great use of one.

What’s Inside:

JD Dredd 1

Once you open the box you find the figure and all of the accessories inside and boy does he have some cool stuff.   This edition comes with two additional sets of hands, the Lawgiver Mk2 Pistol, the Lawrod shotgun, the Daystick, a knife, two grenades, handcuffs (not pictured) and (with this edition) a rad cloak. You also get a stand and a posing rod.

Everything is fully detailed and fits well in his hands and the only issue I had was getting the daystick in the loop on the back of his belt.  Other than that, pretty much everything else fits on his body so that he is ready to go to war in Megacity One.


JD Dredd 6

In this scale it is hard to get a good sculpt, but Mezco pulls it off in spades.  EVERYTHING is cleanly sculpted, from the head to the weapons to even the magnetic badge on his chest.  Everything.  Clean lines and quality look, you can not go wrong with these pieces. The helmet is not removeable but if you know anything about the character, you would expect this.


The Paint app is quite good on this figure overall. The paint is crisp and clean all over, maybe a little too clean on the boots and costume seeing that this is the ‘cursed earth’ version.  I would have loved a little bit of ‘dirt’ and grime to add to the overall look.


The Suit is a piece of art on its own.  Under all of the gear is a shiny dark blue jumpsuit that completely covers the figure.  Under the cloth are strategically placed magnets that hold on the badge and the shoulder pauldrons. The chain on the zipper seems a little big for the scale but it works overall.

JD Dredd 5
Magnets underneath.

The boots are fully sculpted with the pistol and knife holsters built perfectly and fully useable.  The belt is also fully sculpted but is not removable without destroying it.

The exclusive rad cloak is well made and really feels like the heavy cloak it should be.  it can be a little unruly to place on the figure but once it’s futzed with a bit it looks great.


JD Dredd 9

Every joint is articulated in a perfect way. The suit is a little restrictive for extreme poses but you can get him in any Dredd pose you could want.  No complaints here at all.

This is also one of the few stands in this line that actually keep the figure in place. I’m not sure what they did with later figures but the stands have been a little lackluster lately.



I love this piece and for a 6 inch figure it looks amazing.   I am so pleased that this line has continued on past this and they have only improved on the initial design.  For this to be one of their very first figured in the One:12 line, I am more than impressed and happy to have gotten my hands on one.

Where To Get:

Since this figure has been out for a few years it is getting harder to find from retailers.  You can still grab them on occasion and after some searching I found one here from BadAss Collectibles for $62 (regularly $74),  you can also get the Dredd and Lawmaster set from Mezco for $195 but you won’t get the PX exclusive cloak.   I will be reviewing the Lawmaster itself in a separate review next week.

Thanks for reading my review. You can also find other toy reviews on my home page and here: 1/6 scale Judge Dredd from ThreeA Toys , the awesome One:12 Collective Daredevil and Mirror Spock .

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Thanks again!

Late to the Game 12/12/17

JD Dredd 10
Dredd in the wasteland

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