Although the series is still very strong, this last episode entitled ‘ Cupid’s Dagger’ was a bit too much on the Sci Fi Trope nose for me.

The Episode:

The Episode involves the Orville arriving at a planet that is being disputed by two races and the only way to placate them is for an archaeologist to determine which species DNA is present in ancient artifacts.   The problem is, the Archaeologist is the very person that  Commander Grayson was caught sleeping with ny her ex-husband Captain Mercer.

Meanwhile the crew, including both Mercer and Grayson, begin having strange infatuations with people they have no interest in.

The Trope is a bit of a spoiler so I won’t go into it too much and, while it isn’t a bad episode in any way, I didn’t find it as enjoyable as the previous entries.  For those who have not watched an insane amount of scifi, you’ll probably dig it still. It does have some decent character development and a pretty great bit about the elevators.

Oh and Bortis almost sings plus there is some interesting relations between Yaphit and Dr. Finn…

Late to the Game 11/12/17

Orvill 9 1


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