This was the most enjoyable and incredibly performed episode of Star Trek the Next Generation The Orville I have seen yet.

orville 10 1
Security Chief Alara

Security Officer Alara Kitan fails to save a fellow officer due to her fear of fire during a freak accident aboard the Orville. Thinking she is a failure, she offers her resignation only to be declined by the Captain. Soon a clown shows up. (Yeah, a clown.) After hunting it down they discover that strange things keep popping up all over the ship. Things people fear. Only things are not quite what they appear. (Did I just rhyme? I’m sorry.)

This is a terrific episode in that it gives several of the characters additional development but with a heavy focus on Security Chief Kitan. It also marks another Star Trek Alumni appearance with a cool cameo from Robert Picardo as Alara’s father. Special callout to Penny Johnson Jerald, she does an amazing job at being insane and creepy as hell!

Brilliant all around, ‘firestorm’ at it’s core is about discovering your inner strength and conquering your fears, it is sure to be marked as one of the best episodes of the season.

orville 10 2
Robert Picardo, the hardest working actor in scifi.

Late To The Game 11/17/17

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