Those Certain Songs: ‘We Will Become Silhouettes’ – The Postal Service (2003)

There are certain songs that just resonate with you. Whether that song recreates a moment in time or is just one that you really like, these songs are the songs that helped create the person you are and were a constant companion in the journey called life.
Those Certain Songs Those Certain Songs: 'We Will Become Silhouettes' - The Postal Service (2003)

Scifi TV Review: The Twilight Zone (2019) Season One Episode Two: Nightmare at 30,000 Feet.

The Twilight Zone has been a mainstay for me for most of my life.  Along with Star Trek, The original Twilight Zone series was a one that I would watch regularly with my dad. Every night in syndication we would watch another of the Rod Serling classic tales and I would find myself swept into another dimension, a detention not only of sight and sound but of mind. This time however, writer Director Jordan Peele is at the helm and, after two successful films, he takes on the classic started sixty years ago.