This is the season finale of The Orville and man has it been a fun ride. Although it started out a little rough with it’s first episode, the series immediately got better from the next one on. Although considered a ‘comedy show’ this show has all the trappings of a true sci-fi ‘Star Trek’ television series and it is all the better for it.

In this episode Captain Ed Mercer and Commander Kelly Grayson consider getting back together and, when a planet literally appears out of nowhere, Kelly does something that inadvertently causes a cultural shift on the planet and Ed must figure out how to deal with the situation now that things have gotten out of hand.

orv 2
Oh Blessed…Kelly?

I really liked how they handled a ‘first contact’ contamination issue in this one. You see, Kelly healed a young girl and, due to the planets interesting situation, when the planet appears a second time her act created an entire religion to form which changed the course of their civilization. In this, we really get to see more character development for Kelly and Ed plus an interesting outcome for Isaac. Ed also gets to experience one of Bortis’ favorite games, first hand.

Although a Second Season has been announced, we still don’t know when it starts. I hope the next voyage of The Orville and her crew comes sooner than later.

Stay tuned for a full review of The Orville Season One coming soon…

Thanks for reading.


orv 1
Games with Bortis

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