Sometimes a band emerges, releases one amazing album and is never heard from again. Sadly, this is the case with today’s Stand Out Album, Give Up by The Postal Service.

In 2003, Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello released Give Up under the name The Postal Service (a reference to their constant correspondence as they made the album).  Comprised of 10 songs and released on the Sub Pop label, the album would eventually go Platinum making it the second most successful album for the label after Nirvana’s debut Bleach.

Unfortunately, outside of a handful of EP’s, the band would disband in 2013 and any hopes for a second album were dashed.

Why This Album?


This is one of those albums that keeps returning to my playlist every couple of years.   I have a wide taste in music and, because of that, my selection tends to wander.  Some months I am obsessed with classic rock, while others I find myself needing a singer-songwriter fix.  Recently I found myself going through old music and the track, Such Great Heights began to play.  Instantly, I was transported back to 2003 at a time when my wife and I were still trying to make it as we lived in a tiny apartment living paycheck to paycheck.

I had just become an assistant store manager for a retail chain and, while you would think that would make things easier, the pay was poor and the hours even poorer.  My wife, knowing that I was a big music fan, found this album at a local music store and surprised me with it for Christmas that year.   You see, while I was not a ‘fan’ of Ben Gibbard’s other band Death Cab for Cutie, I did enjoy their music a lot. So, when she heard this one, she said that something in it sounded like something I would like. Boy was she right.  I listened to this album in the car every time I went to work and every time I went home. It is one that, now, transports me back to a time when, although we had nothing, we had each other and that was enough.  Next year it will be 14 years for us, and I still cherish those memories.

The album itself is a bit of a departure from my usual fare.  Very heavy on the pop-electronica it would typically not be something I would have chosen for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I dig electronic music but more of the Nine Inch Nails variety.  However, after diving into this one, I was hooked.  This album would later lead me to finding another band by the name of Sky Sailing (aka Owl City), and the rest they say is history.

 Favorite Tracks?

There are two specific tracks on this album that I absolutly adore.   The first one, as mentioned above, being Such Great Heights.   It is a song  that from the first note fills me with hope and joy. There are not many songs like it and I find it incredible.  So, here it is for you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The second track that speaks to me on this one is a fun song called We Will Become Silhouettes. This is a song that tells a cool story about a man trapped alone in his house during an apocalyptic outbreak, singing about the past and what is happening outside.  It may sound morbid but it is actually quite fun.

One cool note, another of my favorite bands The Shins, would cover this song and honestly, I can’t determine which version is my favorite.  They are both a delight.

The Shins version.


While these are my favorite tracks the other eight are amazing as well.   I find myself singing along to each one every time.

Ok, Where do I get it?

PS 1
Ben and Jimmy (taken from their official web site)

You can pick this one up digitally from most services as well as Spotify.  If you go the spotify route, they have all of the EP’s as well and they are quite worth it.

The original album is long out of print but you can get a digital copy for $10 directly from SUBPOP here.  There is also a 10th anniversary edition that has another dozen songs so it is a really good buy.  The 10th anniversary edition here on vinyl for $33.   You can also get the CD here for $16.

Well, there is another my Stand Out Albums.   I hope you enjoyed the review and, possibly, found some new music in the process.

For further reading check out their official website here.

As always, thanks for reading:

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