Wow,  Has it really been 24 years since this album come out?   It is hard to believe that next year will mark the 25th anniversary of Weezer’s Self Titled Blue album and it is still as good today as the day it was released.

Why This Album?

Weezer cover

1994 was a big year for me.  It marked the end of one of my favorite bands, Nirvana, I had only recently begun my journey into the music of the Posies, and I had fallen in love with the industrial sounds of Nine Inch Nails (who also had an album arrive the same year), I had started discovering a ton of amazing music from bands like The Counting Crows, and amazing movies such as The Crow.  I was still fairly young,  in High school, and still finding, not only my own taste in music, but also my own personality that would form into the person I am today, for better or worse.

Like most of my generation, I discovered Weezer via the music network, MTV. (back when they played music videos.)  I believe the video was for The Sweater Song and, when Weezer debuted, I was awestruck.  This was another very solid band who had a unique style that was upbeat, catchy and something I could sing along with!  This was an album that almost spoke to me and my teenage hormonal mind.   The songs, with lyrics by Lead Rivers Cuomo, spoke of love, jealousy, emotional turmoil, belonging and life in general. Plus, They were geeks!   They sang about the X-men and Dungeons & Dragons, without those subjects being the butt of jokes!  In a time when geeks were not cool, in fact they were shunned and beaten up daily, this was huge!  With Geeky edge, It was pre-emo (so it wasnt sappy and weepy), It had a power-pop style mixed with a touch of a barber shop quartet and I was hooked.   Grayson, my best friend, and I would listen to this album over and over as we talked about how much we wanted to get out of the small town we were in, as we planned out an imaginary band called Hopi.  It was a definitive album of our time, both of us having just recently lost our favorite singer, Kurt Cobain, it was refreshing to find something new that we both could enjoy together.  Grayson and I would later get to see them live together after not seeing one another for nearly 15 years.  It was an awesome reunion and a memorable show, they played all the hits and were as good as I had remembered them in my youth.

As I said earlier, the album is a well produced tight presentation that does not have a bad track among the 10 songs on the album.  It is Forty-One minutes of perfection and I could even consider this to be one of the rare Perfect Albums that I have encountered.  Many fans consider their follow up album, Pinkerton, to be their best work, but I have to disagree.  This debut album was my anthem and reminds me of a much more innocent time of my life, of a time when I had no clue just where my life would take me.

On a technical side, everything on this album works.  Produced by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ric Ocasek of The Cars fame, you can tell the care and focus he had to make sure Weezer sounded it’s best.  There is not a bad note, or a flubbed mix on the album, every track flows into the next like a perfectly tuned mixtape.   Simply put, the album rocks on all levels.

 Favorite Tracks?

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin.  Obviously I love the radio hits, Buddy Holly and Undone – The Sweater Song are everyones favorites and rightfully so.  But, if you want to get into the weeds, these are my favorites off this album.

The Opening Track, My Name Is Jonas.  Starting with a simple guitar riff, it dives right into power cords and catchy lyrics.  To this day, I am pulled back to my youth with those opening chords.

The other track is, In the Garage.   I didn’t have the luck to have a garage growing up but his description of his garage-room was so very similar to my own room,  minus Kiss.  Kitty Pride? check.  Dungeon Masters Guide? yep.  Needing a place to feel safe with my geeky nature?  Amen.  This was my song, through and through.


Ok, Where do I get it?

This one is in print and likely will be for many years to come.  When you have an album that goes quadruple Platinum, that tends to happen.   You can get the basic album here for around $13 but I wholeheartedly recommend the Deluxe edition.  It has so many great bonus tracks!

Well.  That is Weezer (Blue)  I hope you love it as much as I do.  They are still around, still making music and, while I have drifted away from them as they have evolved (They are solid, dont get me wrong) , they will always be a major part of my life with this album.

Late to the Game 07/17/2018

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