disco wolf 1

Still trapped in the Mirror Universe, Captain Burnham is struggling to come to terms with who she has to be in this reality as it is becoming easier to embrace her dark side the longer she is there. Soon she is ordered to take the ISS Shenzhen to kill a rebel Klingon operative called the Firewolf. Despite Captain Lorca’s warnings, she sees this as an opportunity to learn how to broker peace with the Klingons.

Meanwhile Ensign Tilly (aka Captain Killy) may have found a way to save Stamets using the very spores that got them there.

Once again, this is a decent episode and it seems that the series may have finally found its footing. Unfortunately, so far this half of the season has been pretty predictable at this point. Seriously, even the identity of the Terran Empire is so obvious it hurts.  The writers have done a pretty poor job weaving any mystery but they seem to be embracing what the fans expect of them. I just hope they eventually explain the Klingnots funky look. It is seriously the one thing that keeps me from completely immersing myself into the show.

Spoiler Territory Below:

So, Burnam knows all about Voq/Tyler now and guess what Philippa Georgiou is the Terran Emperor!!!  Who would have guessed that?!   Not like they telegraphed THAT half way across the galaxy.   Looks like we have gone from bad Trek to predictable Trek.  I’m not sure what is worse. But still, like the dutiful Trekkie I am, I will soldier on. Till next time!

disco wolf 2
Oh and apparently all Mirror Universe Vulcans have goatees because that’s a thing now.


Late To The Game 1/14/18

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