B-Movie Horror was a staple of the 80’s and VHS really made these movies more abundant than ever. Finally there was a format where people could present their work, no matter how bad. Ghoulies is a VHS B-Movie classic and is so bad it’s great.

Todays Key Movie:

Ghoulies worship me
Rediscovering his roots.

Ghoulies is about a man (played by Peter Liapis) who moves into his family home only to discover that he comes from a line of occultists and begins to fall prey to his evil legacy. Along the way he begins summoning ‘things’ from hell (?) and madness ensues.

It sounds so much better than it really is.

Why this movie?

As I said before B-horror movies were a staple of movie watchers in the 80’s. Films like this are a good example of the rampant movie making that occurred with the onset of VHS. Now people didn’t have to rely on theaters to get their films out, so even low-budget horror had a chance to thrive. Companies like Full Moon Video and Trauma Films banked on this aspect and really made it big in their own right.

This movie in particular is a great example of a mediocre production that would likely have never been greenlit by a studio but is now a cult favorite thanks to the advent VHS and the video rental stores that were once littered across America.

How did this translate to real life?

Ghpulies dadies home
Daddy’s Home!

My parents were worshippers of Sheogorath…just kidding. This movie had really no ‘real life’ impact outside of being one in many horror films I devoured as a child.

I do vividly remember picking this up on the shelf at our local video rental store. The cover depicting a green creature popping out of the toilet with the tag line “they’ll get you in the end”. I know that alone was one of the reasons it ended up being rented. There is nothing like a good pun in marketing. I’ll be honest, the very idea of a creature coming out of a toilet cracks me up to this day.

Okay, you like this film, but is it really a ‘good film’?

No, I won’t lie to you, it’s pretty bad. The acting is horrible, the special effects are questionable and the plot…it is only passable. This movie is watchable unlike some B-Movie fare out there but I would only watch it if you are in the mood for a bad movie night.

ghoulies creatures
They just need a little love.

So if you like B-movies, if you like bad acting (not horrible, just bad) and if you love cheesy horror, then this one is for you. if you don’t like any of these things, steer clear, it is not worth your time. On a side note, this movie is Mariska Hargitay’s debut film so good things do come from bad films.

OK, where do I get this movie?

Best Buy has it for $12.99 as a blu-Ray double feature HERE. But unless you are a big fan of bad films, I would catch it on a streaming service if you can.

There are a total of four movies in the series but I really can’t recommend watching past part 2, and I can barely do that. (the 3rd one is called Ghoulies Go To College, that should tell you enough)

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Late To The Game 5/10/2018

  toilet ghoulies GIF
Hahahahahaha! Toilet monsters. This kills me!

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