Sorry this one is late. Lots of things going on and just now getting around to watching the episode. Anywho…here we go!

disco 1

We finally come to a conclusion in Discovery’s Mirror Universe Saga and, I have to admit, it was a good way to wrap this story arc up. With the revelation the Lorca was in fact from the Mirror Universe in the previous Episode (surprise surprise) he is now deadest to kill Emperor Philippa and all she stands for. Meanwhile, Stamets (who I have really come to like), now free of the Mushroom Kingdom Mycelial Network he realizes that the Emperors ship is literally killing the network and will ultimately destroy the multiverse if it is not destroyed. So, with that in mind, newly minted Captain Saru and the crew rev up for their final confrontation with the Terran Empire.

All in all, it was a good ep. I can see how this series is correcting course and has a chance to really do something cool. While it is pretty predictable overall, I think it will be much more enjoyable as a binge show rather than an episodic one. CBS, take note, just release the full season at once going forward, I think you will get a much better reaction from us hard core fans.

Spoiler Territory below:

disco 2

Mirror Lorca is, of course, killed but not before revealing that he arrived in the Prime Universe much like Kirk and company will ten years later. Transporters are so reliant aren’t they? There is still a little mystery of the Prime Lorca though…

Phillipa seems to like the whole Moon Door killing method.

We don’t see any more of the Voq/Taylor story this ep which is probably why it was so good. Honestly, I think that part was a stretch and, unless it pays off soon, it should have been left on the cutting room floor.

The Discovery finally gets back home but they overshot by 9 months and guess what, the Klingnots….yeah they have all but decimated the Federation. Looks like more time travel is in order! Maybe a slingshot around the sun for good measure?

Late To The Game 1/31/18

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