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The USS Discovery is back in the Prime Universe but nine months in the future. Now Captain, Abe Sapien Saru, allows Voq/ Tyler (Toq? Voler?) his freedom but not without constant monitoring.

Of course when the Discovery heads back to the remaining Federation space, Admiral Cornwall shows up and confirms that they are indeed losing the war. Ultimately, they must listen to Emperor Phillipa’s strategy and attack the Klingnots homeworld, Qo’nos. Fun times ahead!!!

Spoiler territory!

disco en 2
Plan of attack.

There is a hint that Burnham may be only partially human. There is an odd line where Sarek says that she ‘is human, like [her] mother.’ Hmmmmmm

They need more shrooms in order to get to Qo’nos so guess what?! They grow some!!! Ah gee. I mean. A little Deus Ex here?

Vyler is still in love with Burham but she doesn’t trust him anymore. I’ve really lost interest in their story now. Voyler is probably the worst character on the show and honestly, they should have let him die in space. If this is how they are going to explain how the Klingnots were smooth headed in TOS, that’ll be dumb as hell.

Admiral Cornwall is a lame was Admiral. Seriously, she freezes at one point that nearly compromises the ship. She then places Emperor Captain Georgiou in charge of the ship. Ugh this won’t end well.

Overall. Solid episode with some really lame moments. I just think they’re trying too hard now.  Plus the preview of coming soon on Discovery was a little…off.  Klingon Brothels?  Really guys, I get you can show nudity and use curse words but this is getting out of hand.

Late To The Game 2/5/2018

disco en 3
hmmm.  Qo’nos looks a little familiar… looks like the art team got a little lazy…

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