This is it.  The final episode of this…insane first season.   Whether you love it, hate it or don’t care either way, it is here to stay and it is part of the (somewhat bloody and battered) continuity that is Star Trek.

disco finale 4
A special crack unit…

With Emperor Captain Georgiou in charge, the crew of the Discovery set forth on their journey to the Klingon Homeworld of Qo’nos.  She is fierce and, as far as the rest of Starfleet is concerned, she is the ‘real’ Philippa Georgiou who was believed killed at the Battle of the Binary Stars.

They still need info on the Klingnot Homeworld and, after failing with their Klingnot captive L’Rell, they have to find another way to accomplish this mission.

disco finale 2
The Principles of the Federation stand firm.

Ultimately, this episode is about how Starfleet must stand for it’s founding principles. While it took a long way to get there, the show manages to begin establishing the connections it so promised from the start.   While there are still many inconsistencies, I am still rather intrigued as to where this new series will go from here.   I swear though, if this ends up a holodeck recording at the end…I will be greatly disappointed.

Spoilers below:

Apparently the Circus is still a thing in the future…and it is a little bit on the sensual side of things…

Tilly shows that she has the capacity to be Captain Killy from the Mirror Universe, and that implies that there is a little of the Mirror in all of us.

Tyler channels his inner Voq when he gets a chance to gamble with his former(?) people.  I’m still not sure about this guy.  

We learn a lot of Burnham’s past. She goes into a deep reveal about how her parents were killed and she had to watch from her hiding place.  She has a hate for Klingons (yes I am using the real name here) deeper than Kirk’s but, although she hates them, she does not hate the race, she hates the ones that hurt her.  She soon realizes that she has to keep from killing these people at all costs, especially when she learns that Georgiou (and possibly Starfleet itself) is planning to destroy utterly destroy Qo’nos, committing Genocide itself.

It turns out the Mirror Universe Saga was just a pretty lengthy Deus Ex to save the Federation from ultimate destruction by the Klingnots.  The Ending feels a bit rushed to be honest and, I hate to say this, but it would have been better had this story been either stretched out for another season or truncated by shaving off some of the unnecessary bits.

disco finale 1
Oh Clint…can’t stay away can you?

Of Course, Burnham is exonerated, because sure, why not.

We get some fun cameo’s in this episode for sure.  Old friends and new…

For some odd reason Starfleet actually let Mirror Georgiou go….dumb dumb move.

You can bet we will have a full First Season review here soon.  Be patient though…this is a lot to digest.

Late To The Game 2/11/2018

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disco finale 3
Yeah…that’s what you think it is but not who you think it is…

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