When Most people hear the name The Moody Blues, they think of Knights in White Satin or Your Wildest Dreams, but there is so much more to this band than just a few overplayed hits..

My dad loved the Moody Blues.  They were a band that were constantly on rotation in our home and, to be honest, I’m glad they were.  This is one of the English bands that could be considered part of the ‘British Invasion’ of the 60’s, but they got off to a late start having their first major release in 1967.   They were known for their melodic early prog rock but the album I personally found appealing was their third album from 1968, In Search of The Lost Chord. 

Why This Album?

Lost Chord 1

Formed as a concept album, this album was based on the themes of exploration and discovery, whether that be finding new lands (Dr. Livingstone, I Presume) or exploring the consciousness (Visions of Paradise), this album covered them all.  As a kid I found the varied sounds and textures of this album appealing.  It was so very different than anything else in my father’s collection and, due to that, it was one that intrigued me.

lost-chord 2

The band utilized every kind of instrument they could find and combined innumerable music styles to form, what I consider, their finest work period.  I mean, nothing is left out.  There are moments of classical instrumentals, acoustic jams, Ray Thomas’s classic alto flute, tabla’s, Timpani’s, sitar’s, Harpsichords, autoharps, tambura’s (yeah I had to look that one up too) and so many more instruments that it would take an entire second article to list them.   This album has layers upon layers of sound and melody and feeling and emotion.  If emotions had unique sounds of their own, I firmly believe that The Moody Blues would be the only people who could reproduce them.  They are an immense talent and this album shows you every aspect of it.  Every time I listen to In Search of The Lost Chord, I am pulled away from reality for Forty Two glorious minutes and when I am brought back, I feel refreshed and ready to face what is coming.

 Favorite Tracks?

Wow, to begin with, you really should just listen to this album from start to finish.   Find yourself a distraction free room, plug in a nice set of stereo speakers, dim the lights and let yourself dive into the sounds that flow through the room.  Trust me it is more an experience than just an album.  To single out any track is really to detract from the whole, and I could list every track in order and not feel like I led you astray.  For the purpose of this article, I will toss a few out really just demand to be recognized, so here are my favorites, but not by a wide margin.

Voices In The Sky.  I can’t even do this justice with words.  This is just a powerful and gorgeous song that you just need to hear to appreciate.  So, here you go.


The Actor (Full Version) comes to mind next.  It is deep and mournful but one that is so relaxing as well.


The first real track on the album after a cool intro called Departure,  Ride My See-Saw.  It is the the track that invites you along for a journey you won’t forget. The song has a motion about it that really captures the idea of a journey.   With hits of train tracks buried in the riffs you can almost feel yourself moving forward with each note.

Ok, Where do I get it?

You can listen to this album on Spotify but I really recommend picking up a copy.  Right now you can grab a vinyl edition here for around $30 (used for a little less).   If you searched around a bit I am sure you could locate a CD version.  I recommend listening to it no matter what format you like. It is pretty incredible.

Late to the Game 07/10/2018

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