Today’s film is one that sits somewhere between awesome and bad. It is a simple horror ‘monster movie’ that will surprise you with how delightfully silly this film really is.   So may I present to you, Tremors.

Today’s Key Movie:

Two men (Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward) in the middle of nowhere Nevada come up against ancient underground creatures that ravage the small town.  Fighting for their lives, the folks of the small town must join forces to fight the creature coming from deep beneath the ground.

Why this movie?

tremors 1

I vividly remember watching this film as a kid.  We rented it on VHS and, because it had Kevin Bacon, we knew it was bound to be a fun film.  I remember not knowing at all what to expect out of this film and being delightfully pleased at what we got.  The film itself is part of a genre that is known as Horror Humor.  It is one that doesn’t bother to take itself too seriously and that is really a good thing.

The creatures in this film were like nothing seen before in a film when this came out.  They were something both natural and supernatural mixed into one.  Much like the great Worms in Dune, the ‘Graboids’, as they become known in the film, are attracted by vibrations in the ground.  The only safe spots are on rocky outcroppings and solid structures but even those are not guaranteed.

This movie (and It’s Sequels) was also a staple of USA Up All Night introducing untold numbers to this fun creature feature, I must have watched it dozens of times on tv alone.

Okay, you like this film, but is it really a ‘good film’?

tremors 3

It is one of the most fun horror flicks of it’s time. It is a cool film that keeps things light while also keeping the tension throughout.   Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are a great pair.  The two genuinely have the chemistry of two best friends who just want to find their fortune in life.  When fate presents them with  a chance to be heroes, the two rally the town and fight off the creatures from below.

Everyone in the film pulls their weight and it is clear that, even though it was a ‘B Movie’ It was one they wanted to be proud of.  The special effects are pretty fantastic for a film of this caliber.  The direction and pacing is pretty fantastic as well. With most horror films pushing to have the creature appear almost immediately, this one makes sure to only reveal the worm creatures until absolutely necessary.

With a fun cast of characters and clever creature effects, this is a much watch for any horror or creature movie fan.

OK, where do I get this movie?

The cool thing about this film, outside of it being just plain fun?  It spawned a series of sequels and a tv series!   You can get the first five films in a box set for around $15 here.  To me, it is totally worth the price of admission.

Late To The Game 10/11/18

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5 thoughts on “Key Movies Of My Life: Tremors (1990)

  1. Tremors is such a classic and a movie I love. One thing that really helps it stand out is that they never felt the need to make everything dark to be ‘scary’. This is one very bright horror movie, and with a great cast of characters it really is just fun to watch.

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      1. For ease of genre defining, I tend to put creature features as a sub-set of horror. But yeah, while as a little kid it was a bit scary at the start, as an adult the movie is just fun.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely loved this franchise. Not all of the sequels were good, but surprisingly a lot of them were 😊😊 It’s a real shame that the new show that would have starred Kevin Bacon again, didn’t progress any farther than a pilot episode. Would probably have been a very fun series! 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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