sad man happy manYou may not know it, but if you were alive in the 90’s, you’ve heard of Mike Doughty.  Before he became a solo artist he was the front man for a little indie band known as Soul Coughing.   They had some hits, were on a few soundtracks and then the band went their separate ways.  Mike, however, kept going and has had quite the lucrative solo career with twenty releases spanning the last eighteen years.  The man is a beast, and one of the most talented lesser known singer songwriters of his time.

I was reintroduced to Mike via the same guy who reintroduced me to the band Eels.  After Soul Coughing ended, I didn’t realize that Mike had continued the craft but man am I glad he did. Doughty himself is nothing less than a poet with a guitar.  He has a way with words that is stunning to behold.  Each song he releases is a unique piece of art that can be studied for hours on end with dozens of interpretations that would all be correct.  He is a hidden gem out in the open for all to see and those that find him are blessed.

Why This Album?

I could literally pluck out any of his albums and write a similar article about how amazing it is.  Today’s selection is just my personal favorite of his solo works.  It has a great blend of folky rock and stripped down acoustic pleasures.   It is an album that I love listening to on my daily commute as it has songs that get me pumped up and ready, to introspective tracks that remind me of my own insecurities.

This is another of those rare releases that literally doesn’t have a bad track on it.  Mostly just Mike and his guitar with the occasional flourish of violin, some wicked bass or some percussion. He isn’t afraid to tell you his feelings on any subject and it is because of this that his music comes across as sincere and legitimate.

 Favorite Tracks?

My absolute favorite on this album is track 7,  Lord Lord Help Me Just To Rock Rock On. It is a song with a powerful mantra that I find myself using as a small prayer on particularly difficult days.  It is about keeping things moving, going, pushing forward and begging for the strength to do so.  It is powerful and beautiful all at once. Play it loud.

I could literally list every track and tell you how awesome each one is so I will end here with the first track on this album which is also an awesome opening tune.  Nectarine (Part Two).  It is a great folky tune that will get you ready for the awesome to come.


Ok, Where do I get it?

You can get most of his music here at Amoeba Music but, at the time of this writing, this particular album isn’t listed.  Fear not loyal readers, I won’t leave you hanging.  You can listen to today’s Gem via Spotify.  Give it a spin.  You’ll dig it.

By the way, If you were a fan of Soul Coughing, he re-recorded some of their best tracks here. It’s pretty killer.

I hope to see Mike live in concert one day.  Hopefully he will make it through my state in one of his many tours.  We’ll see, until then I will keep enjoying his releases.

You can check out more of his work here.  Trust me, he will blow your mind.

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