There are some albums that stand the test of time that are not by a single artist of composer.  These albums, compilations of music by various artists, form a representation of the time they are from, a sort of time capsule keeping that moment in history safe from interlopers.

Today’s Stand Out Album is a very different for than the others I have discussed as it is a compilation, but honestly, one of the greatest compilations every released, and, in fact, the first of it’s kind.  So, wrapping up our horror month I figured what a perfect album than this one.  Seeing that the film starts on Oct 30th, aka Devil’s Night, there is none more appropriate than this one.  This is The Crow Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Why This Album?


I was a huge fan of The Crow, and still am in fact.  When the film came out (which we will discuss much further in this weeks Key Movie of My Life Post) I was engrossed in its story, cinematography and, of course, its music.

Upon hearing about this amazing new film entitled The Crow, I soon found myself in possession of the soundtrack that had a few bands that I had only fairly recently come to love, including Nine Inch Nails and Stone Temple Pilots. Opening with a song by The Cure entitled Burn, I would find myself listening to this album over and over forming a version of the story it was compiled for in my mind.  It would be several months before I got to see the film, but the pump was already primed by the amazing collection of music that introduced me to even more bands that I would have otherwise ignored. Over time, this album became a mainstay for me for the rest of the nineties and beyond.

crow soundtrack 1

At the time of it’s release, we didn’t realize that it was indeed a first of its kind. Although scores had been a mainstay for movies since the inception of the silver screen, never before had anyone recorded and compiled an soundtrack of songs by different artists for a movie,while also incorporating them into the film as part the movie itself. The music tied directly into the story with the hero being a musician himself prior to his death, the songs seemed to channel that subplot, giving the film a more substantial depth.  Several bands on the album even recorded new or updated versions of their songs for it’s release including The Cure, Rage Against the Machine and Pantera.   Due to this innovation and the amazing collection that had been formed, this album would land at number 46 on the Billboard top 200 albums of 1994.

Ironically, it is only now that I realize that this album arrived the same year that one of my favorite musicians, Kurt Cobain, died, effectively ending Nirvana and the grunge movement I had so fallen in love with.   This album marks an evolution in my musical tastes that would begin to include harder, more intense music to go along with my love of the harmonies and pop sound of bands like The Posies.

 Favorite Tracks?

The first track that comes to mind is the Joy Division song Dead Souls covered by Nine Inch Nails.  This is one of my favorite songs period and every time I hear it I am immediately pulled back to my youth in the 90’s.


The next track is Color Me Once by Violent Femmes.  It is such a calm and dark tune that really hits me every time I hear it.

Lastly, the opening track, Burn by The Cure.  It is such an amazing tune that really pulls in the feel of the film along with a torturous tone that only the Cure could pull off.


The rest of the album is fantastic as well with great tracks by Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, Pantera and many more.  It is a gorgeous blend of moody goth music and hard rock that is great to put on and write to or just use as a soundtrack to your next gaming session.  It’s a tight mix of tunes worthy of the greatest of mix-tapes.

Ok, Where do I get it?

This is one you can still pick up for around $15 and it is worth every penny.  if you happen to have Spotify, the entire album is there as well.   If you haven’t listened to it before, or haven’t heard it in a while, do yourself a favor and spin up this album.  It still holds up today some twenty four years later.

It is also worth noting that the score for this film is also pretty incredible.  Composed by Graeme Revell it is a seriously amazing piece of work.

Come back on Thursday when we discuss the film itself!

Late to the Game 10/30/2018

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