The nineties were filled with iconic music that still resonates to this day.  From bands such as Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails to classic songs like Sex & Candy, to say the music scene of the 1990’s was not massively influential would be a bold faced lie.  One of the bands of the nineties that was on regular rotation in my collection was none other than The Stone Temple Pilots (aka STP), specifically their album known as ‘Purple’.

Why this album?

stone temple pilots purple

While I had already come to love the few tracks I had heard from this band, I became even more enthralled by their sound via the classic soundtrack of The Crow.  In that soundtrack one of the songs that just happened to be on this album, entitled Big Empty, really hit me hard with incredible music and very impressive vocals of Scott Weiland.  It would not be long before this album would find it’s way into my collection, probably via Columbia House Records as that tended to be the way I could afford music in those days.

I do remember that upon recieving the CD I found myself mesmerized by each and every track. Interestingly, it would be years before I realized that the genius behind the songs was not Weiland, although his voice drove the band home, but guitarist and bassist Dean and Robert DeLeo.  The DeLeo brothers were in fact responsible for writing each and every song featured on the album giving the band the foundation needed to rocket to the top of the charts almost overnight.

For a while you could almost go nowhere without hearing the crooning voice of Scott Weiland singing one of the many hits from this album.  To some it caused the album to fall into the ‘overplayed’ realm but to me, it only reinforced the incredible pull this alternative ‘grunge’ album had on the world of the mid nineties.

The album itself is a mix of hard hitting rock songs to nearly psychedelic tunes inspired by another great decade of music.  I honestly can not say there is a bad song on the album and, while STP would release several other albums including the incredible followup entitled ‘Tiny Music’ in 1996, it is Purple that really stands out and continues to resonate to this very day.

Favorite Tracks?

Still remains: Wow, this one is deep.  About a lover who just wants to be with the person they love.  You cant get any more straight forward than lyrics like ‘take a bath I’ll drink the water that you leave’ and ‘if you should die before me ask if you can bring a friend’.

Pretty Penny.  You know the psychedelic influenced tune I mentioned, this is the one.  Sounding like something off of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band or Rubber Soul, this song has a very 60’s vibe that I find irresistible.

Big empty.  Seriously, this track is one of the best and I can never get enough of it.  There is a reason this is also on the Crow Soundtrack.

Army Ants: The opening to this song is just too cool.  That alone is worth the price of entry.

Ok, where do I get it?

This is one that I doubt will ever go out if print.  In fact a deluxe edition has been released so you can keep listening to it ad infinitum.   If you want to grab a copy of the original release you can grab it here at a pretty fordable price, otherwise, there is always Spotify.   By the way, be sure to stick around after the last song, there is a hidden track that is totally worth your time.

Until next time, Pick a Flower, Hold Your Breath and drift away…

Late to the Game 3/10/2020

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