Many bands record a large collection of records and, normally you can see an evolution of the style and quality over time.  Some bands like to push the envelope from the beginning and that is the subject of today’s Stand Out Album, a band known simply as The Who and their 1969 album, Tommy.

Why This Album?

Tommy album 2

I had been introduced to The Who (and many other bands) by my father who happened to be have quite the music collection that I took advantage of as I grew up.  My mother, being one to link events to people, always made it a point to say that it made sense for me to be a fan of this band as their song ‘Who Are You’ was at its peak of popularity when I was born.  Whether it was kismet or just a self fulfilling prophecy, I became a fan and still am to this day.

One album I was enthralled with was the band’s fourth album simply entitled Tommy. Tommy was a concept album with each and every song connecting to form a story about a young man who goes through a deep and dark trauma that changes his life in profound and frightening ways.   Ultimately, this leads him to discover the game of Pinball and become a messiah to the youth, only for him to find it is not all what it is cracked up to be.

the who 1969
The band in 1969.  Photo by Barrie Wentzell

The album in itself is a journey, not just in story but in sound.  It is filled with interconnecting songs of various styles that, although sometimes vastly different, meld through the listening of the record, intertwining with each other in clever and interesting ways. Like that of a movie score, sometimes moments of other songs are hinted at early on or reprised later in the album.   It is an album that, while having amazing stand alone tracks, demands to be listened to in its entirety from start to finish.  Throughout the album, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle all take turns lending their voice to the story all the while Keith Moon rips the world apart with some of the most epic drumming you will here in your life.

The album would later be made into a movie in 1975 which we will talk about later this week in Key Movies of My Life.

 Favorite Tracks

I want to just drop the entire album here for you but that wouldn’t be right.  You need to pick up a copy and just enjoy it with a copy of the liner notes in your hands.  It is one that, should you have a record player, it is absolutely worth dropping a needle and giving it a spin.

Just to get your taste buds wet, here are a few pretty killer tracks for you.

This last one, wow. it is pretty great.  but I have to say, the movie version is superior so I will give you that one.

just for comparison, it’s still good but the movie version just kicks it up a notch:

Ok, Where do I get it?

You can get the pretty killer remastered edition here for right around $15.  it is totally worth the dough and you won’t regret it.  Or you can just go to Spotify and dive in there.

Late to the Game 12/4/2018

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