As you know from previous posts, Sonic Youth was a mainstay in my past.  After discovering them through Nirvana and my friend Grayson, Sonic Youth was a band I have managed to keep up with up until the end of the band in 2011.  I still love them so, of course, I have branched out to the solo works of the various members of the band. Most notably one half of the former Power couple, Thurston Moore.

Why This Album?

demolished thoughts cover

A few months before Sonic Youth officially disbanded, Thurston Moore released this album.   Now, this was not an indicator of their demise as Thurston had been releasing solo records outside of the Youth since 1995 so a new solo release was not unexpected.

The reason why this album is so fascinating to me is that, with Sonic Youth and his past solo albums, Moore has had the tendency to delve deep into experimental sounds and songs blending some interesting auditory delights that sometimes are just plain noise, but good noise.  This time, however, he chose to go a little more stripped down with his music, focusing on acoustic guitar occasionally coupled with some interesting effects and instrumentation.    This seems to be the closest we will get to Moore unplugged and it makes for an incredible Sonic journey throughout the album.

The album itself seems to channel some of Donovan Leitch’s style from the 60’s with a little bit of the instrumentation of the softer Led Zepplin tunes.  This is one album that you can safely put on and use to relax to, write to, or just use as a pleasant background as you work about the house.   It really showcases the raw talent this man has and, like most talented artists, he is constantly stretching his boundaries both musically and personally.   Sadly, some of those stretches seem to have lead to the end of both his marriage with Kim Gordon and the band Sonic Youth. There are a few tracks on the album that hint to the oncoming demise but that could just be the privilege of hindsight and not deliberate foreshadowing.

I little introspective, a lot stripped down, this is one for new and old fans alike, one that really showcases Moore’s wayward talent.

 Favorite Tracks

Every album review I provide a few tracks that stand out to me on the album.  Here are the few that really resonate with me.   I think they will you as well.

Blood Never Lies


In a Silver Rain With A Paper Key (this one seems a little foreshadowy to be honest)

Ok, Where do I get it?

This one is available in most music shops including my go-to site Amoeba music.   You can grab it at Amoeba for around $15 or, as most of us do, listen to it over at Spotify.

Either way, give it a go,  I think you’ll dig it.

Late to the Game 12/25/2018

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