So far the series has been a vast improvement over season one. With two episodes down this season is turning out to be a solid return to classic Trek in both tone and story. This episode we see the return of the questionable things that the series is passing off as Klingons so let’s hope they, along with the series, they have improved them as well. Okay, let’s find out now!

The Episode:

With Ensign Tilly slowly losing her mind from a ghost(?) of an old friend, Commander Burnam is surprised by a visit from her foster mother Amanda who has come with a personal request. Meanwhile, the Klingons return with some new technology.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

To start with, I still don’t really like the look of the Klingons. Even though they are a VAST improvement over how they looked last season they are still not quite right. Star Trek TNG and DS9 spent over 10 years establishing who and what the Klingon Empire is and what it stands for and these folks, even 100 years before the original series (and approx 200 before TNG) they are just…not right. Hopefully this series eventually explains the mess they have made with them but I am not holding my breath. That being said they are, as I said earlier, MUCH better than last season. Heck, they actually have hair this time!

That being said, there is a serious inconsistency with L’Rell’s head between season one and season two. Take a look at the photo comparing the two. yeah. Not only did her skin drastically change color but she lost about a third of that skull.

Either she got some much needed surgery when she returned to Qo’nos or that hair must be HEAVY!


Okay, with that little rant aside, this was, a fairly solid episode. Be warned, it’s not a stand alone story like the last two episodes but more of a plot builder that is presented to fill in some of the gaps and establish some key plot threads for the current season. Even though there is a ton of plot threads in this one, they manage to pull them off pretty decently. There is not a moment that feels rushed or out of place but at the same time it felt a little less fulfilling than the past two episodes. I am sure much of what is presented pays off in future episodes but, this one felt more like an episode of a binge watch show like on Netflix than a weekly entry.


Not only do we get more information on the Red Angel and some additional insight into Ensign Tilly’s insanity (which I wont spoil here ’cause that’s rude but if you go down below a bit, I will fill you in), we finally catch up with Voq/Tyler and L’Rell (along with her freakish head change). Their story is actually proving to be pretty interesting. In fact, not only do we get some serious plot development implying a strange explanation to the Klingon’s changes over the next hundred years, we get a chance to see what kind of warriors the two of them are and, I have to say despite their non-Klingon looks, they are pretty impressive. Still not impressive enough to forgive that horrible Klingnot look but still, enough to ALMOST over look it.

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

  • Pike still uses screens to contact other ships and is considered old fashioned kind of explaining the lack of holograms in TOS but not really. hmmmm.
  • Apparently Burnam was an abusive older sister doing something so horrible to Spock that he wants nothing to do with her. This is the current reason for Spock never mentioning her in the future. Please, for the love of all that is IDIC, don’t let it be a sexual thing CBS, you’re better than that.
  • More details on the red angel. So, Spock began to have the visions of the red angel when Burnam ran away as a kid. My thoughts now are not Organians but the Red Angel is either Burnam or Spock time travelling to save themselves. I am leaning toward Burnam as we never see or hear from her again after this series. I think she sacrifices herself to save Spock by traveling back in time to save herself. Convoluted as hell but then again, Wibbly wobbly timey wimey…stuff.
  • Yay! We get to see the origin of one of my favorite Klingon ships, the D7. Now why it’s called the D7, heck if I know but apparently it will be in full use even 100 years from this time period so it must have been a damned good ship.


  • Apparently the Klingons have hologram technology too which really doesn’t fit in continuity at all. If they are planning the whole Star Wars defense that a major war caused the loss of a ton of technology I am going to call shenanigans right now. That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works!
  • So the ghost in Tilly is actually a spore from the Mirror Universe that fused with her. Apparently we are going to see more of this thing in the next ep. Did I mention how much better Tilly is in this season, yeah, MUCH better.
A little exorcism ala Federation ghost trap.
  • House Kor makes an appearance in the form of a revolutionary house. Its pretty rad.
  • Section 31 makes it’s first official appearance in the series with Mirror Georgiou who is in command of her own ‘unofficial’ vessel.
  • I really like the lady they have playing Amanda. She fully captures the role and is convincing as Spocks (and Burnam’s) mother. I hope we get to see more of her in the series. Pike, of course, continues to be pretty terrific. I still want a Pike 5 year mission series. Make it so, CBS.
    Amanda is legit. Lets see more of her character please.

Okay, that’s it for this week. Teasers of next weeks episode at the bottom of the page. Until then, thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review I look forward to discussing the next episode with you next week!

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Late To The Game 1/31/2019

Is that the original Number One! I believe it is!
Burnam getting freaky with the Kelpian? Nah, looks like Saru is fixin to visit the great bird of the galaxy.
Call me Brundle-Tilly!

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