This series continues to prove itself time and again, for every silly episode there are solid ones that more than make up for the buffoonery. This is one of those that proves Orville is just great scifi.

The Episode:

After losing an arm wrestling match to Issac, Lt Alara Kitan discovers that her strength is deteriorating.  Returning home, she now must come face to face with a family that never truly accepted her leaving her home planet to join the Planetary Union in the first place.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

home 2

This is a great exploration of Alara and we finally get a chance to meet her family in person.  Robert Picardo, best known for his role on Star Trek Voyager as the holographic Doctor, returns as Alara’s father, Ildis Kitan. Unfortunately, it seems that Alara’s family really doesnt care for her choices in life, giving her a hard time for leaving the planet at almost every turn.   That all changes when another Star Trek alumni shows up in the form of John Billingsley (Enterprise) playing Cambis Borrin, a man with a serious secret.

home 1

What follows is an interesting take on a home invasion story that gets pretty serious for a comedy series by providing a story about overcoming disabilities and learning to come to terms with who you are.  Personally, I think this episode is a prime example as to just how good this series can get. It is another that fully embraces it’s scifi roots while telling a sociopolitical story but managing to avoid the preachy tendency that some Star Trek episodes fell prey to.  It is because of this careful balance this show maintains that it continues to prove itself to be one of the best shows on television.

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

  • This marks the final appearance of Halston Sage as Alara Kitan.  I am sad to see her leave the series and I hope she left to do something awesome.  Maybe we will see her again some day!
  • There is a great cameo from classic Seinfeld star Jason Alexander, he may not look like himself but once he speaks, it is clear that it is him!
  • We finally not only get to meet Alara’s family but see the reason she has her impressive strength, it seems her world has some SERIOUS gravity going on!

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Late To The Game 2/3/2019

home 3
I think this was one of George Costanza’s Nightmares.

2 thoughts on “Scifi TV Review: The Orville Season Two Episode Three: Home

  1. This really was a good episode!!
    I thought the whole thing with Patrick Warburton was completely unnecessary… But, other than that, it was defintitely pretty good. We were wondering if Halton Sage getting teared up at the end was real… It honestly seemed like she was getting emotional! Plus, great choices in cast for this episode! How can you go wrong with Robert Picardo?? I’m so in love with him.
    This show has defintitely been so up and down for me, though. My man and I were just saying the other day that Seth Macfarlane needs to pick a side more. The Orville isn’t serious or funny enough. It needs to be a little more of one or the other..

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