The story so far, Airiam has been compromised, the Red Angel is a time traveler, Stamets is dealing with some marital problems and Section 31 is after Spock (who happens to have some serious emotional problems from preteen Burnham calling him a weird little halfbreed).

The Episode:

With Admiral Cornwell convinced that Spock may be innocent of his crimes, she instructs the Discovery to travel to the secret base of Section 31 where they hope to find the truth behind the allegations against Spock. There, they find more than just answers.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

project d 1

Oh hell, this is the first episode of Discovery that made me tear up.  I won’t say why yet but damn, this was a really solid episode.

Directed by Jonathan Frakes, this is perhaps the best episode so far this season.  Seeing that we are now only a few episodes away from the finale, this episode could have easily been a thread connecting episode but somehow it manages to be both a stand alone story and a continuation of the overarching story all in one.  I have to give credit to Frakes as he really understands the nature of Star Trek and, frankly, is one of the best scifi directors currently working.

project d 4

This episode is intense, but also manages to give the crew far more characterization and depth than we have seen so far.  I remember being concerned when I heard that this series would break Roddenberry’s cardinal rule of not having conflict between crew-mates but then I realized that this one is really not the first to do that.  Both DS9 and Voyager embraced a level of conflict between the crew, specifically Voyager but, on hindsight, we never really saw a real conflict but a facsimile of it.  Discovery is finally providing a much more realistic feel of what life on a Starship in high stress situations would really be like.  That being said, this conflict is not just fighting but interpersonal conflicts between friends, lovers, personal demons and of course, some fist fights throughout.  This conflict really allows the show fully explore who the characters are and what they mean to one another.  This is what is a huge part of what is making this season so very good and Frakes seriously understands how to tell a good story.

Some standouts in this episode,  Stamets OWNED his small part in this one with his interaction with Spock, Ethan Peck continues to dominate as Spock, PIKE!  have I mentioned how much I love him on this series?

project d 9

Anson Mount has proven time and again just how incredible he is ans an actor but this series has finally allowed us to see how amazing Christopher Pike is as a Captain.  In many ways I find him to be one of the finest in Starfleet and we have only seen him in action for a short time.  He is the very embodiment of what Starfleet and the Federation stand for, or as Admiral Cornwell puts it, he is one of Starfleet’s Finest. Every episode makes me yearn for a Pike’s Enterprise series and the addition of Ethan Peck as Spock makes me want it even more.  CBSAllAccess, make it so!

Finally, Airiam, for a character we have barely gotten to know, she was amazing and was really the star of the episode.  More on that below.

All in all, Even though we have only a few more episodes left, if there is a finest episode this season, I have a feeling that this is it.

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (spoilers here)

project d 2

  • So Airiam is not an android but an enhanced human who was in a shuttle crash where she lost her not only lost her humanity but new husband as well.  This is probably the most tragic character in the series and we have only seen her a few times and mostly in the background.  That in itself is tragic really, as I truly wish she had more time on the show. He sacrifice really shook me and even though we only just got to know her, actors Sara Mitich and Hannah Cheesman manage to make this character the most important person on the series for 45 incredible minutes.  I will be honest, I have not felt this way about the tragic end of a character since Data died in Nemesis.
  • We get to see the first 3d Chess board in this series, a game that has made an appearance in nearly every Star Trek series so far with the exception of Voyager and The Animated Series.
  • Red Angel theory:
    • From what we know so far, the Red Angel is a time travelling entity who is deliberately changing things to possibly protect the future from destruction.  This Angel is a human and is possibly female.  Seeing that it was responsible for saving Burnham’s life as a child, it is unlikely that it is a future version of her. That being said, I believe it is either Amanda Grayson or, this traveler will tie directly into the new Picard series in some way.  Additionally, It is likely that it’s actions have altered the timeline in many ways, including allowing Burnham to live.
    • That being said, I believe we have never heard of Burnham because in the real timeline, she died as a preteen girl.  Spock never mentioned her because of how she left and the memory was simply too painful for him.  That, coupled with the insanity of his half brother Sybok, I wouldn’t claim any siblings either.
  • Only a few more episodes left but check out the teasers from next week below!

project d 3

Till next time,

Thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review,  I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you! Some teasers of next weeks episode below!

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Late To The Game 3/14/2019

project d 5
A funeral for a friend.
project d 6
Strapping in for dear life…or death?
project d 7
Is Spock wearing one the Avengers Suits from the new trailer?

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