Every Scifi series has a time travel or a ‘connection to the past’ episode but most of them end up a pretty cliched story about not changing the past, even if someone falls in love.  I’m looking at you Kirk.  This episode, however, takes this concept and does something rather unique with it showing just how clever the series can be and that, even though it is considered a comedy series, people may be too quick to dismiss it based on that alone.

The Episode:

After finding a cell phone in a time capsule, Mallory creates a simulation of a person from the 21st century meanwhile, Bortus finds himself addicted to cigarettes.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

Orville Impressions 4

Do you remember when, as a kid, you put something in a time capsule for the future to see?  Have you ever wondered how the people in the future will react to your past, will they find you interesting, boring or, will they fall in love with you?

This is exactly what happens in this episode of Seth McFarlane’s incredible scifi series.  However, thanks to the crew’s Simulation technology, Gordon Mallory finds himself in love with a facsimile of the person who had lived her life behind the facade of social media and text messages. He soon learns that the past can not be changed, even in a simulation.

Once again, Scott Grimes really stands out in this one.  It seems that the producers of this series are really starting to recognize how talented this long time actor is.  His portrayal of Malloy has really evolved over the two seasons transforming him from a goofy side character who really seemed out of place on the ship, to a well established yet lonely crew member of The Orville who only wants the best for his friends and crew-mates. The thing that makes this episode so good is that we finally see a peak behind the real Gordon Malloy as he finds love in the most unexpected of places.

Orville Impressions 2

The B story is also quite a joy as Bortus and his partner Klyten find themselves addicted to nicotine after replicating ancient 21st century cigarettes.  McFarlane and team do a wonderful job depicting an extreme version of addiction in one of the best Quitting Smoking Episodes I have seen.  So many sitcom’s have done the smoking addiction thing to various success’ but this one, while hitting all the cliches, manages to make them feel fresh again.

All in all, this continues to be a wonderful series that really manages to be the perfect counterbalance to Star Trek Discovery’s more serious nature, which is having a wonderful second season of it’s own.  I look forward to seeing where this series is headed.

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

Orville Impressions 1

  • I wouldn’t put it past Malloy to look up one of Laura Huggins relatives or at least the old Malloy would have.
  • Damn, if that was really Grimes singing in this episode, he has a wonderful voice and I hope we hear more of it.
  • I love that Star Trek alumni keep showing up in this series.  This time we get the great Tim Russ who played Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager (among many other roles in the franchise).

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Late To The Game 3/31/2019

Orville Impressions 3
Getting a little A Star Is Born vibe from this moment but damn that guy can sing!

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