A secret past haunts Jadzia on the episode that originally aired on October 17,1994.  This is Equilibrium.

The Episode:

Station Log Stardate Undetermined:  Equilibrium

Jadzia discovers that she may have a past she never knew about.  Faced with frightening hallucinations, she dives deeper to discover more.

The Breakdown:

Equilibrium 2

While Sisko cooks for his crew, Jadzia finds Jake’s abandoned keyboard and, even though she claims to have no music ability, she begins playing a haunting tune she doesn’t recognize.  Soon it becomes apparent that the tune is important as she can not seem to get it out of her mind, soon she finds herself even lashing out at her friends over simple matters.

Equilibrium 3

As she finds herself unjustly attacking her friends, she soon has a vision of people in masks while walking through the promenade.  Fearing something is wrong, Jadzia reports to the infirmary to determine what is wrong with her.  She tells Ben she is sorry for her actions as she has so much unexplained anger in her along with the unexplained song she can not identify.  Looking back into her past, Bashir finds that the last time the symbiote was hurt was after her fifth host was nearly killed in a shuttle accident.  It appears that during that time, her isoboramine levels dropped to dangerous levels causing the sacrifice of her host.  Now her levels are in danger again so they decide to head to the Trill Homeworld for answers.

Equilibrium 5

On the Trill Homeworld Jadzia, Sisko and Bashir meet with Doctor Renhol who is happy to help.  Prescribed medication, Dax returns to the Defiant where she once again encounters a man in a mask and is soon assaulted by two trills.  Just as she gets into a fight with them her vision ends and she finds herself about to strike Julian in the face.  Returning to the surface, Doctor Renhol assures them that the treatments are working but they need to make adjustments.  Jadzia is worried that something is wrong with her and her symbiote and decides to visit The Guardians for answers.

Equilibrium 6

Soon they encounter one of the Guardians who seems disinterested in his three visitors.  Before long the Guardian notices Dax and recognizes her. He immediately can tell that something is wrong and begins to talk with Jadzia’s symbiote.  He informs her that something is off with the balance between Jadzia and Dax with her visions not being hallucinations but memories. He takes her away, convinced that her visions are from one of her hosts.  Returning to the ship, Sisko is pleased to tell Jadzia that he has found her music.  When he pulls up an image of the composer she suddenly has a memory of a masked man killing someone with an ice pick.  Wrestling the man to the wall, she reveals his face as Joran Belar causing her to go into shock upon emerging from the vision.

Returning to the surface, Doctor Renhol makes it clear that they may have to remove the symbiote if she does not get better.  Ben and Julian return to the Guardian who acts as if he does not know anything that can help.  It is clear the man is scared making is certain that someone wants to prevent the investigation into the Dax Symbiotes past hosts.  Digging up information about Joran Belar, they find that there is an inconsistency between Belar and Jadzia’s personal files.  They soon find evidence that someone is hiding something when they find a Yoland Belar who is still alive.  Contacting Yoland, they find that Joran was a candidate for joining who murdered the Doctor who recommended against his joining.  Yoland indicates that Joran had been joined even though the commission claims he never was.

Equilibrium 7

Returning with the evidence, they stop Doctor Renhol just before they begin the host transfer into a new host.  They inform her that they have discovered the truth about Joran Belar and that Doctor Renhol has covered up a dark secret.   It seems that the Trill people have been hiding the fact that all Trills can be joined and that the reason they created the Symbiosis Commission to keep from informing their people that they do not have enough Symbiotes for the entire populous.  Should the word get out, they fear chaos would ensue and the Symbiotes would become commodities.   Sisko informs Renhol that she needs to save Jadzia or he will reveal the truth to the Trill people.

Jadzia agrees to go through the process to reintegrate Joran Belar into her memories, returning to DS9 afterwards, she finds she has a whole new lifetime to explore and is now able to play the keyboard.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Equilibrium 8

This is an interesting one, giving both Jadzia and the Trill people a little more history and background. It also gives Terry Ferrell a chance to develop her character a little more allowing her to branch out a bit with this new personality now integrated into the Dax symbiote.

While I personally like this episode, it seems to have been a little rushed with a very quick by the book ending of Jadzia accepting her ‘lost host’s’ memories.  I really think that this would have played out better had they had stretched the story over a few episodes building on her hallucinations and ultimately creating a sense of urgency that, should they not find out what is wrong, Jadzia would be lost to them forever.

That being said, still a great character  building episode that sets up things for a later event in the series.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

We learn that Ben Sisko learned to cook in his father’s restaurant in New Orleans.

First time we have seen the Trill Homeworld known simply as Trill.  So the Trill come from Trill.  huh. Okay.

Even though the staff is all in Sisko’s quarters for supper, we don’t see O’Brien anywhere.  I wonder if he came late or was this an ‘officer’s only’ gathering? Seems kinda rude if it were.

This is not the last we see of Joran Belar.

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Late To The Game 6/17/2019

Equilibrium 1
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