I guess I owe CMJ New Music Monthly thanks for introducing me to many of the bands I love to this day.  From last weeks BJM and more, this music magazine was the greatest.  Today’s album was yet another that I discovered thanks to that now defunct magazine and boy am I glad I picked it up that day in 1998.

Why This Album?

tone soul cover

I discovered this album from a single track on the Feb 1998 issue of CMJ New Music monthly, issue number 54 to be exact.  It was the third track and the song was Seems So, which would be the opener on the album Tone Soul Evolution.

Now, most rock or pop bands can trace their influence back to either The Beatles or Elvis.  For the Beatles folk, it is more about the harmonies, the lyrics and the evolution of sound,  for Elvis folk, it is about the performance, the energy and the legacy.   Sometimes however, there is a third rarer influence and that is where today’s band found their inspiration, from the pet sounds of The Beach Boys.

This is such a pleasant and fun album from the opening track to the closing song Coda.  Recorded by Elephant 6 studios, this is another in the short psychedelic rock resurgence in the late 90’s.  It is an album filled to the brim with some fantastic pop tracks, each improving on the last  with the falsetto voice of Robert Schneider leading the way for the entire journey.

The thing that really sets this album apart from most is that it is such a non-pretentious release.  The band seems to have come together for the simple sake of creating something they themselves liked and then happened to record it along the way.  It feels very personal and very introspective through out each track bringing the album a gravitas to it that even some of the most well produced albums lack.   Every track has layers of sound utilizing all eight of the tracks to their very limits creating gorgeous cacophonies of sound in some and ethereal ballads in others.  This is a must listen for any fan of classic rock, psychedelic hymns or just someone who digs good music.

Favorite Tracks

The Silvery Light of a Dream Pt. 2  oh the guitar on this track, man it is so nice.

Tin Pan Alley.  There is something simple and clever about this track and I think it is my favorite on the album.

Find Our Way.  If there is any song on this that was the most influenced by Brian Wilson and his Beach Boys, it is this one.  This is a gorgeous song that would have fit amazingly on Pet Sounds.  It is a song that Wilson would have been proud to call his own.


Ok, Where do I get it?

This is another one that is now hard to find on CD.  If you are a fan of Vinyl you may be able to grab a copy here but it is available via Spotify for your enjoyment.

I hope one day I get a chance to see them live but that seems unlikely as they have been on a hiatus since the death of their producer and band-mate, Bill Doss.  Regardless, I still have their discography to enjoy, and enjoy them I will.

I would also recommend their other albums, specifically their first,  Fun Trick Noisemaker.  It’s a blast.

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