Debuting on the new Disney Plus streaming service, The Mandalorian is the first live action Star Wars television series, it takes place after the fall of the Empire but some years before The First Order, allowing for some major time to grow new characters away from the movie franchise itself. The Mandalorian is centered around a bounty hunter armed in Mandalorian armor who’s name and face so far we have not seen. We know Mandalorian armor is sprinkled throughout the Star Wars series as seen on characters such as Boba Fett and Jango Fett. Although we do not know too much about this particular line, some key details to keep in mind about the Mandalorian are their origin from the planet Mandalore, and their reputation as esteemed warriors and their armor is considered sacred, handed down by generations- fingers crossed, we’ll learn a little bit more about them throughout this riveting series.  The series is set to air eight episodes, the first of which premiered with the unveiling of Disney Plus, and has left many Star Wars fans (myself included) very impressed and excited to see where the show takes us. 

Now let’s take a look at the latest episode.

Episode 4 : The Breakdown

Episode 4 begins with a cryptic scene involving a violent raid on a small village, and then it gets into the good stuff. We continue on our journey with the Mandalorian and child to a low population planet where they seek to regroup and get some much needed rest. Upon arrival to the planet we are introduced to a new character, and the connection between the opening scene and The Mandalorian’s purpose for coming to the planet (a sanctuary if you will) are tied to one another, unfolding another action-packed episode. So much for the rest our space travelers were looking for, right?

*Warning : Spoilers Ahead!*

Episode 4 : Easter Eggs

We can start from the detail provided about the newest character, Cara Dune. What we know so far is that she is an escaped rebel soldier- hence her intense fighting skills and strategic planning. Additionally, some more detail about The Mandalorian was uncovered- this being that he was not in fact a Mandalorian by birth, this may explain who rescued him from the droid which we witnessed almost kill him in a previous flashback. It is also revealed why the code Mando follows is so strict- if he removes his helmet he is never allowed to wear it again as a true Mandalorian warrior.

Episode 4 : Closing Remarks

I continue to be impressed with the evolution of this series, with everything from the inclusion of so many hints to the past, to the touching moments combined with action. While we still have yet to see our main characters face, in every episode more and more is unveiled about him- and especially in regards to baby Yoda whom he seems to have more or less adopted at this point. It was moving (I mean seriously moving) to watch as he was ready to leave “the kid” (as he calls him) with the villagers who love him so much, and even more so to see the protective side that lies in him underneath the helmet. The faceless character continues to develop as this story unfolds, and I can’t wait to see where the two of them are off to next.

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