The mirror universe collides with our own once again in the episode that originally aired on November 17, 1998.  This is Resurrection.

The Episode:

Station Log Stardate undetermined: Resurrection

Kira is shocked when she comes face to face with her lost love, Vedek Bareil who happens to be on the run from the Mirror Universe.

The Breakdown:

resurrection 1

Kira and Jadzia head toward ops discussing Kira’s dating life.  Upon arriving someone beams into ops and Kira is shocked to find that it is Vedek Bareil holding a phaser on her.

Taking Kira hostage, Not-Bareil (NB) demands a runabout and Sisko reluctantly obliges. Knowing that the turbo-lift poses a threat, the two head down to the docking bay on foot.  Kira soon learns that this Bareil is from the mirror universe and it is clear that he is on the run from someone.    Upon arriving at the docking bay, Kira reveals that she knows that NB’s weapon is not functional and manages to knock him unconscious.

resurrection 2

In custody, Not-Bareil learns that his doppelganger on our side has died and asks Kira to destroy the device that brought him to our universe.  He does not want to go back no matter what and agrees to even go to prison if it keeps him here.  Taking the matter to Ben Sisko, the Captain tells Kira that she needs to think things through.  She wants to allow him to stay but Sisko believes it is because of his resemblance to her former love.

Not-Bareil is shocked to hear that his opposite was a well respected Vedek and is embarrassed when people begin to stare at him on the promenade.  Kira heads to the Bajoran temple for some clarity and, although reluctant to do so, NB soon joins her. In the temple, Not-Bareil witnesses the Orb of Prophecy and Change on display making him even more interested in this new world.  Kira invites Not-Bareil to dinner with Worf and Jadzia where it soon becomes clear that NB is quite the storyteller.  After dinner, the two retire to Kira’s quarters where Kira soon finds him to be just as fascinating at her late lover.

resurrection 5

After a rather intimate night, NB and Kira discuss her loss of Vedek Bareil and Kira finds herself falling for this mirror universe counterpart.  That morning, after reporting to ops, Kira informs her friends that NB is planning to have his first Orb Experience that very evening.

Preparing for the Experience, NB and Kira head to the temple and prepare for NB’s Orb Experience. After opening the Orb Box, NB finds himself a changed man. Trying to absorb what he has learned, quickly finding that he can not share his experience with anyone.  Returning to his quarters we soon discover the true purpose of his visit, it seems that Intendant Kira sent him there for one purpose, to capture the Orb and bring it back to Mirror Bajor in order to topple the Alliance.

resurrection 7

After talking with NB, Quark warns Kira that there is something more to Not-Bareil than she believes.  He feels that NB might be planning to rob the temple and Kira realizes that there may be something to his suspicions.  Upon returning to his quarters, NB finds the Intendant in one of Kira’s uniforms, it seems that Quark’s suspicions were correct.

That evening, NB begins his attempt to break into the temple while the Intendant begins her part of the mission by arranging their escape.  Kira soon catches NB in the act where she informs him that he had her completely fooled.  Just as it looks like he has been captured, The Intendant arrives and surprises them both.  Facing Kira, The Intendant begins to gloat about their plans.  Just as things look bleak, NB stuns The Intendant allowing Kira to escape.  NB informs Kira of what he saw in his Orb Experience, a future with Kira that he does not feel he desires.  Kira lets him go taking The Intendant with him, knowing that this will be the last she will see of her beloved Bareil.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

resurrection 6

The sole purpose of this episode was to finally give Kira the closure she needed to get past the death of Vedek Bareil.   In many ways, even though she has had other relationships since, Vedek Bareil’s death was one that Kira never fully got over.  This was a man who she was deeply in love with and, had things worked out differently, would have eventually married.  NB’s appearance not only let her have one last night with the love of her life, but also actually gave her a chance to say goodbye, something that she was not really able to do in the episode Life Support as much of his mind had already deteriorated at that point. This final farewell opens the door for Kira to have the long awaited relationship with Odo, but will she finally give in to her feelings for the shapeshifter or will we keep on with the will they won’t they story we have been seeing for six seasons?  Only time will tell.

resurrection 11

Nana Visitor once again shows that she is an amazing actor playing double duty once again.  In the roles for both Kira and the Intendant, I have to say she manages to make them truly different characters every time.  Overall, solid one off episode that is a strange downer just after the rather fun Jadzia/Worf wedding episode.  I guess if O’Brien isn’t suffering then Kira is the next best option.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • There is a reference to Quark’s own Orb Experience.
  • This episode was directed by Levar Burton.
  •  This marks the first time a Mirror Universe episode does not take place in the Mirror Universe at all.
  • We get a chance to see the newly married Worf and Jadzia in their quarters.  I love this couple!

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Late To The Game 12/23/2019

resurrection 10
We discover that Bareil is quite the skilled ventriloquist… yeah…admit it, you went there…you have such a dirty mind! 

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